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Hair discoloration Side effects? 5 useful tips for … 【2019】 Hairdressing Blog

Hair discoloration Side effects? 5 useful tips for ... 【2019】 Hairdressing Blog

You're thinking about change the color of your hair radically and they suggested that you discolor it? Then we have arrived at the right time to get you some doubts and leave you some helpful tips.

What is the hair discoloration?

The hair discoloration is the depigmentation through chemical methods of virgin hair, of the hair that has never been treated with any color treatment, that is to say that no artificial color molecules have been added.


Why or why is hair discoloration necessary?

Generally the hair discoloration is done to carry the hair coloring from a dark shade to a much lighter one.

The hair discoloration is done with peroxide of hydrogen or also called peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide It opens the hair fiber cuticle and "bleaches" hair color molecules through an oxidation process.

You're probably needing to make yourself just a few wicks or drastically change the color Of all your hair.

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Our tips when bleaching your hair


For bleach virgin hair, always remember to have hair as healthy as possible, since the discoloration treatment is going to spoil it, and that way the post-discoloration recovery will not be as traumatic.


If what you want to achieve is a resounding color change and you need bleach too muchBecause you have very dark hair and want to wear it white, don't do it all at once. Since to achieve that result you must leave it exposed to peroxide or hydrogen peroxide for a long time, longer than recommended, which is 30 minutes. It is Preferable several discolorations of short time and if possible in several stages.

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One time finished fading hair use products for washing, rinsing and nutrition with PH acid to neutralize the oxidation action caused by hydrogen peroxide. The products with Acid Ph recover the natural hair Ph giving them softness and shine again.


If you have to dye your hair again, do it with the best product of the market, this will help in the recovery of your hair. If it is not strictly necessary to dye, Wait at least a month to do so.

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Remember nourish your hair after bleaching with blisters, cream baths and specific treatments for nutrition and recovery of the cuticle and hair fiber.

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