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Hair colors according to your skin tone

Hair colors according to your skin tone

2020 hair colors. Discover everything that will take this year between copper, chocolate and Venetian blond. There are many colors and reflections, How to choose the one that suits us? We give you easy tricks so that getting the dye right is not a matter of luck.

In another article from Blogmujeres we talk about how to choose shades of blond, today we tell you more about the different colors of hair dye.

Hair colors according to your skin

You want change your hair color? If you want to make a change, radical or not, to your image, changing your hair color can be a sensational option. Of course, you always have to consider what is the color of your skin to choose the color of hair that can best sit and how to enhance your features with color.

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<p>If you are not sure about the hair color that can best sit you or beyond the color, you don't know what <strong>tonality</strong> It is the one that can favor you, the best recommendation is that you always consult with a stylist or your usual hairdresser so that I can advise you.</p>
<p>It is important that you pay attention to the color choice since the effect of the color will change <strong>how your features look</strong>, which look softer or harder.</p>
<p>It also influences the <strong>time of the year</strong>, according to that we will be more or less brunettes and the hue will change, so we will see this depending on the seasons of the year.</p>
<h3><span id=Spring hair colors

In the spring the good weather begins and we begin to take color, for the girls with the light skin the best will be golden or peach tones since this skin reddens easily and usually have freckles.

Alexis Bledel

The best colors for skins in spring are golden highlights and warm colors, we have to avoid ash tones and dark colors because they do not favor this type of skin. Therefore the best tones are the following:

  • Golden blond
  • honey blond
  • golden chestnut
  • golden red
  • Venetian blond
  • Brown

If you like to wear reddish colors, this spring the golden red color It can be your color. A soft tone with golden highlights will bring more light to the face.

A soft tone for this spring, especially if you have clear skin. The shades with golden nuances They are suitable for softening and sweetening the features.

Summer hair colors

In summer we are already with color, that is, brunettes so we already have a rosy color. We have to opt for a color that suits us and we are attractive.

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<p>The best colors for skins in summer will depend if we want <strong>wicks or dye</strong> All the hair, depending on this we will opt for what is best for us.</p>
<p><strong>Wicks in summer</strong></p>
<p>For the wicks the best options in summer are:</p>
<li>silver wicks</li>
<li>platinum blonde</li>
<li>dark wicks (two tones above to gain luminosity)</li>
<p><strong>Dye your hair in summer</strong></p>
<p>To dye your hair this summer we have to keep in mind that we should<strong> avoid</strong>, so as not to give the feeling or the effect of aging, the <strong>mahogany, coppery red and golden blond hues</strong>. The latest trends for this summer are as follows:</p>
<li>ash blond</li>
<li>ash brown</li>
<li>platinum blonde</li>
<li>Burgundy tones</li>
<li>mauve tones</li>
<p>The color<strong> ash brown</strong> adapts perfectly to <strong>pink skins</strong> than to more yellow skin. It is an ideal tone for <strong>spring</strong> since it is a color that requires virtually no maintenance.</p>
<p><img itemprop=

Have blue, green, brown eyes, freckles or not, brown ash will be perfect for you.

Hair colors for autumn

In autumn we have already lost the color of summer, we return to recover our normal skin tone. That's why we usually have the clear skin and the dark tone will be the most appropriate.

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<p>The best colors for skins in autumn are going to be reddish and coppery colors, <strong>avoid the blond ash</strong> because they are nothing flattering at this time of year. In the following list you can see the most flattering tones for this autumn:</p>
<li>golden chestnut</li>
<li>golden copper</li>
<li>Golden blond</li>
<h3><span id=Winter hair colors

In Winter it is the moment that we will have the clearest skin, and it is that the time of sun and good weather is over.

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<p>For skins in winter, the best tones will be the <strong>warm natural to gain brightness</strong>, but be careful we should avoid the golden yellows because we will lose the brightness of the skin and we are just looking for that.</p>
<p><img itemprop=

In the following list of points you will see the best tones for winter:

  • bright bluish black tone
  • reflections in eggplant tone
  • mahogany reflections
  • reddish highlights
  • ash blond

Video to find out what hair color is suitable for each skin tone

As we have mentioned before, the choice of hair color is fundamental and is directly related to skin tone. Hence the importance that you can watch this video, because you will be able to see concrete and very clear examples of what types of skin tone and hair color can best combine.

Hair colors according to the color of your eyes

As we have seen above, depending on the skin tone we will have to choose one color or another, but we can also focus on the eyes, we will see according to the eye color what hair color should we choose.

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<p>We are going to focus on the four most common types of eyes, blue, green, brown and black eyes so that according to this you are always beautiful and perfect at any time of the year.</p>
<h3><span id=Hair colors with green eyes

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<p>If you have the <strong>green eyes</strong> and the <strong>clear skin</strong> or not too dark, you have to choose the <strong>light brown and ash blond</strong>, in this way you will soften and soften the features of the face.</p>
<p><img itemprop=

If you are interested in knowing how to make up your green eyes step by step to get the most out, click on the following link.

Hair colors with Blue eyes

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For the blue eyes We advise you to choose a blond with golden touches to sweeten the features but if you want a total change of look dare with a intense black, in this way all the prominence will go to the eyes.

If you are interested in knowing how to make up your blue eyes step by step to get the most out, click on the following link.

Hair colors with Brown eyes

woman-hair-colors-according to the brown-eyes "width =" 557 "height =" 790 "srcset =" -pelo-mujer-according-los-ojos-marrones.jpg 557w, 300x425.jpg 300w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 557px) 100vw, 557px "/></p>
<p>When we talk about eyes <strong>brown</strong> we mean dark and light brown or color <strong>honey</strong>For the shade of hair the best option is the <strong>brown hair and chocolate</strong>, if you are interested in making something clearer the best are some <strong>wicks to give that touch of color</strong>.</p>
<p><img itemprop=

Surely you also want to know more about how to dye dark brown hair, click on this link:

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Hair colors with black eyes

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<p>The <strong>very dark or black eyes</strong> They have their charm and are also very beautiful and attractive, to highlight it more we must put the <strong>intense black or brown hair</strong>.</p>
<p>If you are interested in knowing how to make up your black eyes step by step to get the most out, click on the following link.</p>
<h2><span id=Interpretation of the numbering of dyes

Let's put a dark blonde, coppery gold color usually: 6.3.4

In this case, 7 corresponds to the neutral base tone (medium blond), 3 to the primary reflex (the gold that will predominate), the 4 to the secondary reflex (the copper that will be mild)

Hair colors 2016

The golden rule when choosing hair colors

If you have the color of cold skin (for example you are white skin) look for a warm tint tone. For example a coppery color or with reddish shades is usually beautiful. Or a warm blond like a Venetian blond who looks actress Blake Lively. The chocolate tones will look great as they have a warm hue.

Hair colors 2016

If you have brown skin look for a color that has soft nuances, instead of very dark. For example a caramel brown or blond tones. Do not use very dark nuances as they will make you look older. Light tones soften and dark tones harden the features. You can see it in the two images of Rihanna, which hair color is best for you? For me the second one with lighter blonde nuances from the chin, brings light and is much prettier.

Hair colors 2016

Neutral base colors

From darkest to lightest this is the neutral base colors: They are usually represented with a code of two zeros: 00

1. Black2. Moreno3. Dark Chestnut 4. Chestnut 5. Light brown 6. Dark blond7. Blond 8. Light blond9. Very light blond 10. platinum blonde

Hair colors 2016

Hair colors if you are blonde

This section sure interests all blond women. The blond dyes are very common, to identify the blond ones the keys are:

Hair colors 2016

We will show you in the following different images all of blond so that you can see the different dyes of blond hair.

Hair colors 2016

Which of these three blonde hair dyes sticks more with your style and taste?

Hair colors 2016

Blond hair is one of the most common in Spain, more and more women are turning to blond dye so we want to show you the ones that are in fashion this year, click on these links to know all the details of each color:

How to choose the right dye

The dye numbering is as a code that identifies colors, in such a way that knowing how to interpret the numbering is easier to hit with the color you are looking for (which sometimes the photos of the dyes deceive). Never look at the photo, but in the tone that you have and the one you would like to achieve but following the numbers. This is determines the shade of dye you are using (or what color it looks like if you have never dyed).

If you choose a dye usually tener a three-digit numbering. The first figure is the base color, for example, blond or brown. The second figure is the primary reflex (which will be seen more), the second the secondary reflex (which will be seen slightly).

Hair colors 2016

The highlights and wicks of the dyes

These are the reflections of the dyes that combine with the base tone. In the previous example, a coppery golden blond color, or 6.34, implies that the yellow color (of the blond and golden color predominates and that there will be a slight coppery, but slight reflection).

Hair colors 2016

1. Ashes have a white, grayish tint772. Irises, these are reflections with violet base3. Gold 4. Coppery 5. Mahogany 6. Violins, these are reflections with purple or bluish base7. Greenish, these have a bluish base with yellow reflection

Hair colors 2016

If for example we have a 7.43 dye (that is, in reverse order to the previous dye) we would have a medium blond with predominantly coppery hue and a slight golden hue. The predominant nuance is important because if what you want is for ‘the coppery to be noticed’ you have to look for this color to be the primary reflection, that is to say, it goes second in the dye numbering. If it goes in third place the reflection will be very dim.

Hair colors 2016

Codes that identify highlights and wicks in dyes

If for example you like a certain reflection of a color, knowing the code You can easily find it by looking for the dye. These codes are usually repeated in almost all brands, so taking them into account it is very easy to find the colors or reflections you are looking for. This is the main thing when choosing the hair tone, this must be fixed more than in the ‘box photo’.

Hair colors 2016

There are many types of wicks and reflections and then we are going to show you the most fashionable ones, join us!

Hair colors 2016

In these links you will find the best wicks to what this 2020 go perfect, with the tone of wick or appropriate reflection, click to see them with all the details:

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