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Hair care: the usual mistakes

Hair care: the usual mistakes

When we talk about hair care there are a series of mistakes that are usually repeated most of the time due to ignorance. That's why we want to give you a series of tips to take care of your hair and avoid future hair problems.

1. Use the right products for your hair type

Many times we get carried away by advertising, a beautiful container or the price and buy products on large surfaces that are not suitable for our hair type. Using a shampoo designed for our hair type and a professional brand is key to proper hair care. The same goes for the mask, the serum and the rest of the products we use every day for hair care.

2. Wash it properly

As we explained in the article “Tips and steps to wash your hair properly” It is recommended that you Brush your hair before washing it, wash it with warm water, use only the necessary amount of shampoo and apply it mainly to the scalp.

It is also very important that you apply the conditioner and the mask and rinse it with plenty of water. The conditioner is key to untangle and comb it without breaking it and the mask is very important to maintain proper hydration.

As for the frequency of washing we recommend that you wash your hair when you notice that it is dirty. There are people with more oily hair that should wash it more frequently and people with drier hair that should not wash it so often.

3. Dry it properly

When we wash our hair and it is time to dry it, we tend to take a towel and rub it, but if we do so, our hair suffers and is damaged. So remember that It is very important that you do not rub the hair with the towel.

4. Untangle it properly

Another common mistake is untangling the hair starting at the tips and ending at the roots. In this way we drag the knot through the hair from the top to the bottom and damage it more.

The correct way to untangle the hair is to start at the ends and eliminate the knots that exist in this area. Subsequently you have to untangle the middle zone and finally the root zone. Thus, as we have said, we will not accumulate different knots by dragging them through the hair.

Be very careful when you untangle wet hair since when is when the hair is more elastic and more fragile.

5. Protect it from heat appliances

Usually we use the hair straightener or the tongs without protecting our hair With professional thermal protectors. This is another serious mistake since these products ensure that our hair does not suffer when subjected to the high temperatures of these heat appliances.

6.Avoid dyes, permanent or low quality discolorations

As we have mentioned above talking about hair care products, in the case of colorations, discolorations or permanent it is also very important to use suitable products and professional brands. This way you will ensure that your hair does not suffer so much, is not damaged and ends up falling.

7. Clean the tips when you see them damaged

Many times we become obsessed with having long hair without paying attention to the ends. The tips are the area of ​​the hair that is generally most damaged so it is convenient to clean it as soon as we notice its deterioration.

What is the use of having long hair if we don't have it healthy and pretty?

8. Avoid strained and gummed hairstyles

To prevent hair from suffering unnecessarily and eventually falling out Avoid getting too tight and glued hairstyles frequently.

These are some of the most important tips you have to keep in mind for the care of your hair. We also advise that As soon as you notice that your hair suffers some mismatch or falls out of the normal, go to a professional to detect the origin of the problem and determine the best solution. In Beltrán Centers we do exams and diagnoses for free, so if you have a hair problem, make an appointment at our center in Valencia!