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Hair accessories: discover the crown jewels this season

The Hair Accessories They have come back this season and they have become the undisputed jewels of the moment and we love them. The hairpins, headbands, ties and pins wear any mane of sophistication, and as other ‘hits of the nineties’ have become so essential that we should no longer leave them, never again, in oblivion.


Hair AccessoriesChiara Ferragni

Although there may be a parallel world full of all the forks that have been lost, there will always be a place for them. But this season they have taken another step and have become great protagonists. They have not only been tools to make collected as pigtails or bun or fix the most rebellious hairs, have been raised as great treasures to adorn the hair.

The simple clamping function has gone to the background and you can decorate it. And it is that fashion companies have designed them with pearls, stones, messages with bright, colored, of different sizes … In addition, they can be placed per unit or in a duo and on one side or both, and are perfectly combinable with styling more alternative or very sophisticated (even on the red carpet).


hair accessories, pins@teresaandresgolzalvo

We travel to the past with this wonderful accessory that is able to collect hair in a sophisticated but useful way. The pins are ideal for collecting means (from the front) or low pigtails (because they gather more hair than the hairpins). For both looks you can opt for straight hair or create soft waves.

We have seen very different pins lately, but some that have drawn a lot of attention are the custom ones.



Other must have of the season, as far as hair accessories are concerned, are the headbands. They are very comfortable to pick up the front, without having to pick up the mane. To the more informal versions for sports, summer or more formal styles have been joined to take to the office or any party. In addition, there are more rigid headbands or in the form of adjustable tape so you can opt for the format that is most comfortable for you.


Hair AccessoriesWhen summer comes, the scarves and their summer prints become very interesting allies to collect the hair as a ponytail or headband, or transform it into a turban, protecting the hair fiber from solar radiation. We have been recommending you the use of handkerchief, but it is an accessory that continues to be trendy and that allows many possibilities thanks to its shape.