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Guide of shadows and lipsticks for brown skin faces

Guide of shadows and lipsticks for brown skin faces

In the first part We already tell you all about how to adapt your base, powders and concealer to the new tone of your skin and how to illuminate it with the right blush and illuminator. Today we bring you the second part of this makeup guide for brown skin and we tell you all about the shades and the lipstick.


Choose the shades ideal when there are thousands of paddles With all possible colors in all possible finishes it is an arduous task. Depending on the tone of your skin, one type of tone or other will be better for you, but if you are tanned The best thing is that you opt for dark reds, reds and dark powdered roses, earth tones, and golds.

Almost all dark browns will sit well. If, on the contrary, you want to take cold colors, opt for purples with a certain reddish or coppery touch, intense purples, eggplant tones, very dark turquoise and oil green.

As with the blush, in summer the shadows are much better if they carry brightness. They don't have to be pure and hard glitter, they can have a shimmer very subtle. In addition, mixing gloss, matte, pearl and metallic finishes, for example, you can make very cool effects.

The shadows neon They also look great on tanned skin. There are palettes of shades of neon colors that remove the hiccups in many brands. If you are daring, try using them in some look or to use them as Eyeliner

A summer classic that always comes back is the mascara colored eyelashes. They are the perfect complement to a daring makeup or to wear the naked eye, only with the mask.


This year we have two big favorites in lipsticks: math and the metallized In summer it is best to take care that the mates we use do not dry the skin too much, which will already need more hydration Because of the heat.

As for the colors, avoid the hollyhocks, the too light pink ones, the grayish brown ones and the gray ones. Strawberry reds also look better with light skin, so you'll want to use red that tend more to garnet, coral or orange.

Take advantage of this station to use your gloss favorites and give a touch of shine to your lips. Products that add a wet effect or vinyl They are also great to bring more glow to the face and holographic With golden sparkles they are the perfect complement for your brunette.