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Green hair, a hair option not to go unnoticed

Joe Jonas con el pelo verde

Joe Jonas with green hair

What do you think of green hair? Its striking effect makes it one of the riskiest options for your hair, so you need daring and, above all, a casual and modern style to match the hair. If you always wear suits, think better of another option.

Green is the color of football fields, tree leaves and some less pleasant things that need not be mentioned. But it can also be the color of your hair if you decide. If your style is suitable, green hair is one of the many options you have for your hair. Yes, As the following examples demonstrate, you should be prepared not to go unnoticed.

Famous with green hair

Jared Leto as the Joker

If you are considering dyeing your hair green, you should know that You are not the first or the last to feel that need to subject your hair to a really radical change and controversial. Sometimes it is done to leave behind a stage, sometimes by a simple aesthetic decision … what is clear is that in recent times there are many celebrities who have used green dye, contributing to make it fashionable among young people.

Of all the artists, singers are the ones who throw themselves into trying new things with their image. It is not surprising that it is precisely the singers who have been most conquered by green hair, as well as for other equally striking colors, since much of the success of commercial music – an industry in which there is a lot of competition – is based on leading the way and setting a trend.

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Jared Leto is one of those famous green hair ambassadors. Leto has accustomed us to the risky choices, but in this case the vivid green tone that the singer and actor wore was due to the demands of the script of ‘Suicide Squad’, an action movie in which, as you know, he played the Joker. However, Leto could be seen very comfortable with his new look in his normal life, out of character. The hairstyle that looks is the classic hair cut back with scissors. What do you think of the result?

Quite more moderate – both with the brush and with the shade of green – singer Joe Jonas was shown. Within the striking thing that is always to give the hair a color that is not natural, the result is quite discreet. In addition, the combination of green wicks and toupee helps you create the illusion of a higher height, so if you want to give the impression that you are a few centimeters taller, consider following their example. If you prefer to avoid green, do not worry. This trick also works with wicks of other colors.

Zayn Malik with green hair

Another famous that, without a doubt, is characterized by risking his image is Jaden Smith. Will Smith's son has tried many daring trends, including the hair color that concerns us this time. When it comes to curly hair, it is also worth mentioning the always interesting Pharrell Williams and Frank Ocean, who have also worn hair of this color

Zayn Malik is one of the most chameleonic celebrities. His look changes are countless and yes, in his day he also tried green hair. The singer's hairstyle can offer you inspiration if you want to add the green color to a very short haircut. Malik combines it with a three-day beard. As with the previous ones, the tattooed and ‘trendy’ Malik shows that green hair works best with a modern style.

Old school green hair

Poster of the movie 'Double Team'

Associated with subculture and urban tribes, green hair is not exclusive to the 21st century. Some of the youth icons of the 90s already saw the advantages offered by this striking hair option when differentiating from the rest and accentuate your rebel character. Now that the popular culture of the 90s is so fashionable, it is more timely than ever to look at the style of Billie Joe Armstrong. The leader of Green Day also went through the phase of colored hair, probably also green.

Although it seems impossible, in the 90s there were even more daring artists than Billie Joe Armstrong. An example is The Prodigy singer Keith Flint. His peculiar style was characterized by makeup, piercings and, above all, by an original haircut, which adopted different colors, including green.

And speaking of old-school green hair, we can't stop mentioning former NBA player Dennis Rodman. Associated with extravangance, green hair is one of its most discreet bets if we compare it with others that it took, especially those related to costumes.