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Gray Hair Trend: How to Dye Gray Hair

Gray Hair Trend: How to Dye Gray Hair

When you relate the Gray hair It's usually because you have gray hair and old age is on your heels.

But the reality is that it is a beauty trend that is currently used a lot among the famous actresses and singers imposing to use gray hair something that became fashionable will find any hair dye that you want to wear.

In this article mainly what I am going to teach you is how to dye your hair gray and make you look beautiful.

The color of hair that all women use both you and I is the color black, brown, blond or redhead that are already defined colors that are used in society by all women.

But many times because of stereotypes we think that having gray hair is a matter of age and it really is a myth since gray hair is a factor of hair pigmentation.

It is properly called a gray hair that, as the wikipedia says, is when the human being, regardless of whether it is a man or a woman, loses pigmentation in the hair and can turn gray or white.

In fashion and beauty this was considered a horror really for something the dyes of different qualities and tones are so successful but a few years ago and more it was accentuated this year to use gray hair is something fashion and a latest trend within hairdressers hairstyles.

Both ash wicks and gray wicks is something that many teenagers want to achieve in their hair regardless of the type of skin pigmentation they have.

The trend of «Grandma's Hair»Or Granny Hair emerges in the United States and began to become popular as a new beauty trend which surprised many women and men since for decades we tried to cover our gray hair and now it is the revolution of showing ourselves natural or artificial with dye Gray.

Just to name you some celebrities who tried gray hair are Lady Gaga, Nicole Richie, Rita Ora, Judi Dench, Françoise Hardy, Christine Lagarde among others.

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<h2 id=How to dye your hair gray and look perfect

How to put gray hair is a secret that surely you will be wondering how it is done and that is why I am going to reveal a very useful trick with each tip that a hairdresser taught me that knows a lot about this topic.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that it is what you want to do if you dye your hair in a beauty salon or else you will do it in your home.

Each option has its good things and its bad things, on the one hand we know that in a hairdresser they have more experience to deal with our hair and the color we are looking for instead if you do it you can make some mistake and regret so that you touched your hair .

But there is also a reality that is the money and the cost that this has since if we go to a beauty salon it will be more expensive than doing it with the products you buy when applying it.

Surely many friends will tell you that it is always better to go to a modern beauty salon but I assure you that with these tips and steps you can learn without spending a lot of money.

To start and have gray hair you have to discolor your hair and then tone.

If you do not know how to bleach your hair I invite you to read this article, where I explain step by step how the bleaching of the woman's hair is performed

The gray color is obtained mainly from the white or bleached shade that remains on your hair to the soft blond, after a special shade is used to remove the yellow from the blond and then a shade shade is created.

The hue has to go from silver or white to gray.

Remember to perform all these processes should be progressive and also have healthy hair because if you do not take care of it, start saving money for your wig because you will be stripped.

Try the hair masks I recommend it if you want to have gray, blond, brown, red hair or the color you want.

If what you are looking for is the totality to have the gray shadow, then there you must apply a peroxide mixture with hair bleach or a dye kit that already brings to do everything together.

And as I always say if you do not know how to use peroxide mixed with bleach, do not use it and go to a beauty professional.

Once you managed to lighten the hair that is the main objective for the next step, you have to use the special dye that eliminates the yellow tone and you achieve the shade of gray that you like the most.

Think that if you use a shade of dark blond then it will turn gray with the hue you want.

There is another way that is using blonde dyes can give you an advantage to try how you have the gray color since all boxes with kit bring a little peroxide causing your hair to have lighter shadows but this method is more economically expensive and takes much more which I honestly do not recommend if you are already determined to have grandma's hair that is the new trend.

The benefit of having gray hair in my opinion is that it illuminates your skin color both on the face and your eyes even if they are not clear.

Keep in mind that there are multiple shades of gray, among the dyes are 50.

The gray platinum for me is the most fashion and the best fit.

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<h2 id=How to Dye Gray Hair Step by Step

Now I will begin to tell you step by step how you have to do if you want to paint it in your home with the gray tint:

The fantasy dye in gray is the latest trend in fashion to achieve this effect follow the steps below carefully.

They are two main processes first to bleach hair and then paint.

This procedure is not recommended to be performed on hair that is processed by chemicals, permanent or damaged pliers.

Discoloration to have gray hair

  1. In a non-metallic container you must empty an envelope of bleaching powder
  2. Add 50 ml of peroxide of 30 volumes. Everything will depend on the length of your hair so it will be the amount of bleaching formula you should prepare.
  3. Mix until you create a homogeneous paste trying to make it lump free.
  4. Put a cape or towel on your back and gloves to protect yourself from staining.
  5. Divide your hair into four sections, you can take the wick on the left, behind on the back of the neck, and then on the right side the same.
  6. Apply the bleach mixture, respecting 4 cm of the root or growth of your hair.
  7. Move the dye brush from the root down after half the hair to the tip.
  8. You must repeat the entire application on all the hair of your head.
  9. Let the dye rest for 25 minutes until you see that your hair achieved the orange color.
  10. Now you must add the bleach mixture on the roots (those 4 centimeters that I told you to leave before starting to apply on the wicks)
  11. Again you have to leave 25 minutes for the dye to take effect
  12. Control your hair and see if your hair has a very pale yellow color.
  13. If you did not achieve it, apply the bleaching mixture again and wait an additional 30 minutes.
  14. To start having light gray hair, your hair must have reached a level of discoloration level 10 which is a pale yellow hue
  15. If I get a level 7 discoloration that is the Orange It is not recommended to apply dyes in light colors or pastels since the dye will not deposit and the gray color will not be noticed.
  16. Rinse your hair and wash with shampoo for blond hair.

How to dye Gris's hair

  1. On a non-metallic container, they are usually made of hard plastic to put the dye .91 in my case Bes brand (you should look for the shade of gray that you want)
  2. Then add 100 ml. of 10-volume developer cream (peroxide), but not hydrogen peroxide. This is a good point to clarify that what is revealing emulsions has the same formula as an oxygenated water but that it is of smaller volume so that this will not allow to clarify or fix but is used more as a tonalizer.
  3. Mix very well and apply it on all the hair of your hair.
  4. Let stand for 30 minutes.
  5. So that you can neutralize everything that is about the gray tone, it is best to rinse and wash with shampoo and conditioner for dyed hair.

Ready you can enjoy your gray hair and be in the latest fashion.

If you liked all these steps you can share with your friends on the social networks of Facebook or show through a photo how I stay on Instagram this new hair color.

I leave you a video so you can guide you step by step another method that I found to share

Video to learn how to dye Gray or Silver hair

Beautiful Hairstyles for Gray Hair

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<p>Gray hair with white complexion accompanied by pale makeup without highlighting looks great if you have light eyes and blonde hair is a blue hue</p>
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