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Grandma let her granddaughter put on her makeup and it was spectacular

Tea Flego es una artista estética que ha mostrado al mundo entero cómo usar el maquillaje de una forma inteligente para deshacerse de al menos 20 años de edad.

Tea Flego is an aesthetic artist who has shown the whole world how to use makeup intelligently to get rid of at least 20 years of age. What was supposed to be a showcase of the artist's incredible contouring skills, has also proved to be a moving test of the special bond she and her grandmother share.

Her tender 80-year-old grandmother is called Livia, and she is the last beauty queen on Instagram who has become a celebrity overnight, after Tea Flego decided to give her a makeover to make her a totally grandmother. glamorous. Livia has been known on the Internet as the Glam-Ma and is enjoying the attention that has caused her new and renewed appearance, showing that she is never too old to live.

Glam-Ma wanted to look fresh

80 year old grandmother before and after her makeup

So her granddaughter used her contouring skills to help her

8 year old grandmother showing the before and after makeup

Livia lives in a nursing home and recently turned 80

Grandmother of 80 years before and after being made up

"Being in a nursing home and getting everyone's eyes means a lot to her."

They even recorded a video to show the makeup process

Now "Glam-Ma" enjoys all its popularity

Grandmother of 80 years before and after being made up

And of course its beauty

80 year old grandmother with makeup and eyelashes