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Go ahead with the Short Bangs, The Trend Fall Winter 2019/2020

Go ahead with the Short Bangs, The Trend Fall Winter 2019/2020

I will share with you more than 30 ideas from hairstyles with bangs short so that you are encouraged to use the trend that is being used mainly on the catwalks of Europe Fall Winter 2019 and 2020

Earlier in 2018 it began to be used watching models and celebrities dare to cut the hair of the forehead for at least two fingers on the eyebrows which I call many girls attention.

That's why over the years this hairstyle became increasingly popular and you can see that famous actresses, singers and celebrities like Beyoncé, Lily Allen, Zoe Kravitz, Katy Perry, Penelope Cruz among others that were encouraged.

That is why I propose in this article that you go discovering the different ideas that exist so that you can copy some and make yourself according to your face.

Also if you wish you may be interested in this photo gallery with fringe hairstyles that are a tendency to get ideas.

Types of short bangs fall winter 2019 2020

What you have to consider without a doubt that you will be very exposed in what results to the cut of your upper wick layer so if you want to cover some granite of the forehead or some imperfection that you have these styles are not for you.

You must be sure to wear this look on your body but it will not look like it has to look.

If you have a great mane it does not matter since it will be easier for you to brush at least that part of the hair and you can use glasses or lenses with a geek frame that looks great and men love it.

As an important advice before starting to show you all the ideas is that having the forehead and seeing more part of your skin, the makeup should accompany this transformation that you will perform.

How to cut the short bangs?

Here there are different points of view that will fit you so short and much depends on the features of your face and the length of your hair.

But as I mentioned before so that you can give it a shape you have to take one or two fingers of your hand over the brows of your forehead and cut with scissors.

Then what changes is if you want it to be a straight bang or either shredded or blunt that varies according to the thickness of your hair or your tastes.

As advice I recommend you first start with a finger to see if it is short enough for your taste and then if you want a little more you do the same procedure.

Get a scissors to cut hair but not very large because to work on the forehead of your face has to be practical and comfortable when you look in the mirror.

Cut your fringe whenever it is dry to make it easier to see the lines.

Never cut your fringe horizontally because it is the first mistake that most women make then regret the crooked bangs.

You have to cut your hair straight from the front.

  1. You take all your fringe with your hand so that it is even and you begin to cut it vertically
  2. Your hand should hold the fringe and with a finger set the height there the scissor does not have to go through but you cut your hand
  3. This procedure is slower but it will be much straighter than any other technique.
  4. When you finish loose your hair and accommodate your fringe with the comb
  5. If there is any strand or uneven hair you cut it with the scissors
  6. Now with the horizontal scissors you only cut the hairs that are quite long at the ends of the fringe

How to comb the short bangs?

When you have short fringe you have a big problem when combing because you really are not so interested in getting it out of its original form.

With a brush or a fine comb, it is enough, but if you want to give your hair some way to change what you can do is use for example hair foam to mold it as you like.

Another good idea is to use a hair dryer but as long as the air you aim at your forehead is not very hot since you will hurt your scalp.

Some tips that some stylists who work in a friendly hairdresser gave me advised me to buy a round hair brush which does when you comb your fringe with this type of brushes is to gain very large volume of hair.

If you want to keep that hairstyle applying lacquer it will last until the night all day.

Also to comb your short fringe, the hairpin, the pin or a hair color ribbon will certainly look very pretty.

Short side bangs

For this type of hairstyles you should not cut too much but it will not be naturally possible to comb it for one side but if you want to wear the short fringe you have to use hair fixer.

To ensure that the bangs are on one side that favors your face it is always recommended that it is not shorter than a finger wide

Hair with loops and side bangs that are cut over the eyebrow

Choose to cover if you have tickets moving the mane with your fingers and a little gel or fixative

Side fringe can be used for both long and short hair

The bob cut is very nice for this type of bangs that then naturally get used to being combed on the side you want

The bangs combed on one side is very sensual and accompanies very well the cuts in small face

Style with very played bangs where the side is directly made with a haircut in a staggered way which always requires to use this way until your hair grows

Short bangs for round face

If you have the round face You can always take advantage of getting this type of hairstyles like these models, actresses and celebrities.

Ideal option for spring summer leaving a little longer at the ends these styles is better to implement in round faces

Rockabilly style bangs with a pin up touch but straighter than its original version with a length of two fingers over the eyebrows

Smooth bangs but at the same time has origin for one side is perfect for dark hair if you have a white complexion

Short straight bangs

It is one of the styles that is being used most to transmit rebellion but in turn marks the beginning of a transformation in the girls who wear it in their look.

Haircut very played by the amount of little hair left on top

Leave your eyelashes and eyebrows very exposed so you must have them well-groomed and well-groomed as well as make-up eyes.

These bangs favor the beauty of the face as it geometrically leaves clear leaving a smooth fringe

I love this hairstyle where you can see these looks to choose with the hair cut in parade

Straight bangs where the medium length and bob cut are perfect

I fell in love with this haircut where you can use long loose hair but your short bangs are perfectly smooth to your skin

Short bangs with volume and wavy or curly hair

Short bangs stripped or blunt

This is a fringe blunting and combing then sideways using in each layer luminosity with discoloration dyes

Tips always show that the hair is healthy and you have more to make it look good

You can round your bangs or apply a parade to achieve the effect

Straight style for brown or blond hair

The dye of blond color in the ends and in the bangs a darker tone can get to combine very beautiful

Stripped bangs for any face shape

Haircut for the ideal fall when you want to give a casual style without much production

Nice haircut for a party where the fringe accompanies weathered hairstyle for one side

Short bangs open

You will notice that in the hairstyles that are generally open the bangs are longer than usual since otherwise it would be very difficult with a short fringe separate it and accustom the line.

I love the rounded effect on this open bangs that she wears on her eyebrows, perfectly makeup her forehead

Three examples of short open fringe where you can see a half mane that accompanies the hairstyle

In long hair it is good to use ponytail to tie it and then brush the bangs in half so that it is open if you have fine hair

If you liked any of all these hairstyles I invite you to share on pinterest, instagram or whatsapp or your favorite social networks like facebook so that more friends have beautiful ideas to change their look and especially those bangs.