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Girl recovered from anorexia shows her body on Instagram

Chica que se salvó de morir a causa de la anorexia, muestra en Instagram su nueva y recuperada figura

Megan Jayne began to suffer from image problems with her body from the age of five. At 14 she was diagnosed with anorexia, so she spent the whole summer in a mental institution for young people before being hospitalized. The doctors told him that he only had a couple of weeks to live.

Now Megan is 22 years old and has shared her recovery in Instagram, where he has his experience hoping to help other people who go through the same situation.

“At my lowest weight my clothes dropped, my hair got thinner and I was cold all the time. I was never thin enough, and that eating disorder surpassed me in such a way that I thought it was all it was and that it was all I had. ”

Overcoming anorexia was not easy, but Megan received help from her father, who accompanied her during the hard process. He eventually recovered, but discovered that at some point he replaced starvation with food binge eating, so after gaining weight he had to start dieting with several nutritionists.

After years of constant struggle with his weight and never being content with the image that the mirror returned every day, he decided to adopt a more positive attitude and accept himself as he is. Now Megan sees her body in a loving way and on her Instagram account she uploads bikini photos and videos in which she dances safely and confidently.

"I try to show people that impossible standards of beauty on our screen and in magazines are not necessary to be happy."

“If I can fall in love with my body after everything that has happened, anyone can, just believe that they deserve it.”