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Get your skin tan for longer


The holidays come to an end and with them the beautiful tan tone will also disappear. To maintain that golden color on the skin, I doubtless remember the time of summer and relax, just follow some simple tips.

Sunbathing responsibly, in small doses and with a suitable sunscreen, results in a healthy and attractive tan, but a few days after the return of the holidays the golden tone disappears from our skin. Worst of all is that in the drier parts of the body and face the tan tone disappears more quickly giving way to the characteristic lighter spots.

To extend as long as possible the healthy summer tone we must resort to four concepts: exfoliation, hydration, self tanning and adequate food.

Exfoliated and flexible skin

The first step is to perform a good exfoliation of the face and body to eliminate dead cells that are usually the cause of the dull and dry appearance of the skin. In addition, the circulation is activated by exfoliating, the skin is softened and cell regeneration occurs, so that the skin strengthens and regains its elasticity. This prevents peeling and tanning lasts longer.

Doux Peeling, by Clarins

To exfoliate the skin of your face you must moisten it, apply the product and gently massage with the fingertips, drawing circles on the complexion. It is important to avoid the area around the eyes, because it is very fragile. Once this process is finished, you can rinse your face. You should not exaggerate in the use of peels, which can weaken the skin. The most advisable thing is to perform a weekly exfoliation in the case of resistant skin and every fifteen or twenty days, at most, in the case of fragile or sensitized skin. Some cosmetic firms have soft scrubs that allow them to be used more continuously.

For the body scrub during the shower perform a massage with a mane glove or applying specific creams or gels. Make circular movements in the belly, hips and buttocks with ascending movements in the extremities, insisting on the drier areas such as elbows, knees and ankles and also in the forgotten back of the arms. Once the skin is exfoliated, it ends with a cold shower.

  • Doux Peeling, from Clarins It is a soft cream peel, with extract of formula and clay to be used on the face. It is suitable for all skin types even the most sensitive. This exfoliating cream restores the softness and luminosity to the facial skin (€ 31).
    Wai Wang of Rituals
  • Wai wang, from Rituals. Body scrub cream formulated with ultra-fine organic bamboo particles that gently remove dead skin cells. Yi yi ren, rich in vitamin B, brings its powerful nutritional action. It is so soft that it can even be used on the neck and neckline (€ 12.90).

Super hydration

After exfoliation the next step is to resort to a shock treatment to moisturize the skin and restore elasticity and firmness. In addition, it must be taken into account that when the holidays return it will continue to be hot and that this, together with the air conditioning, will cause the skin of the face and body to dry out a lot. That is why it is advisable to resort to intense facial and body hydration care.

If the skin of your face is not extremely dry we recommend a moisturizing mask every week, preferably after exfoliation, and that you hydrate your skin twice a day. If on the contrary you already notice the first effects of dehydration, apply a moisturizing mask every two days and then the moisturizer.

Aquasource Non Stop, by Biotherm

Self tanners: (email protected) all year round

The only way to achieve a healthy and tanned skin throughout the year is by means of self tanners, whether in the form of a moisturizer with self tanning, as self tanners. If you want to know more details about them and discover our selection of products, just click on the link to our entry Tan in the shade!

The fundamental food

When it comes to maintaining a tan, you have to go beyond skin care. You have to nourish the body with vitamins and antioxidants. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, especially red ones because they contain beta-carotene, a substance that stimulates pigmentation and enhances brown.

We can also resort to nutritional supplements. These are presented in the form of capsules in which vitamins, minerals and trace elements are concentrated.

As with foods rich in carotenes, better results are achieved if they begin to take a month before sunbathing and up to a couple of months after these. In this way the tan appears before and takes longer to disappear.