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Geisha hairstyles + clothes | Unique style

peinados de geisha

geisha hairstylesWhen we see old photos of Japanese culture and look at the Japanese concubines, those brand new geisha hairstyles, we were amazed at such beauty as well as the complication and difficulty that there must be to make a hair of these characteristics.

It is true that it is difficult of course, but it is not impossible. Either because you want to practice if you are training in the field of hairdressing or you just want to try on an original geisha hair or you want it as a halloween hairstyle, I will tell you step by step how to do it.

Other items that you are sure to like:

Of course, if you want to look like a real geisha in your style you must also consider the makeup that they used but that we will discuss at the end of the article.

How to make a geisha hairstyle step by step

Split and fasten your hair with gums in 4 parts

The first thing you should do to have a good start in creating an authentic geisha hairstyle is to separate the hairstyle into four parts if possible equal.

One on each side, another on the back or never and the last on the top of the head. When you have it well separated and perfectly defined before continuing you can spread cosmetic products for hair to enhance the shine of it.

Leave curved volume with the hair on the sides

Take one of the strands on one side and make a curve by fixing it with a hair band backwards. Repeat the same with the other side.

When you do them do not worry that they are left or appear weak, then you can correct it without any problem.

Take the strand from the top and divide it

Since it has the upper part attached, take off the rubber or tape that you have used, divide the hair in two creating an upper and lower section. The bottom combs from the ends of the hair to the roots back (while still holding). You will get a great volume simply by doing this.

Point the upper section with a sponge

With the tuft that is left on top of the upper part, you will place it backwards by placing a sponge covering it with this last layer underneath it and above the lower section of the previous step so that it is not visible.

Give volume to your hair above and behind the head

With the top we just leave the sponge hidden a curve in the back and the same with the section of hair that is still loose from the back of the neck.It gives way to the ornaments of Japanese culture to give volume to your geisha hairstyle

With the previous steps correctly completed you must have 4 curves in your head: The curvatures of the sides, back and top. Now with the tools you have on hand that you prefer, place these accessories inside the curvatures to define correctly. Even so Keep it firmer with some forks.

I know it's a pretty complex hairstyle so there are other alternatives that never hurts to try, how can they be geisha wigs. It is even known, how good that time many of these geishas for not having to be preparing their hairstyle every day were to use ready-made wigs, yet I leave a video tutorial to make a perfect geisha hairstyle step by step.

Video tutorial to make geisha hairstyles step by step

How was the makeup of a geisha step by step

The truth is that it is very simple. All the visible parts of your skin should be made up with white makeup. The parts to which I refer should be treated with the face neck and chest or cleavage.

And the truth that has no mystery apply this type of makeup.

Combine your geisha looks with the appropriate clothes and if you want … Buy them!

If you have dared to perform all of the previous ones that have come here, that can only mean one thing: geisha clothing.


Part of this Japanese style that cannot be missing. Typical traditional robes of that era long, rigid and with Cortés down straight. They were tremendously elegant but in turn did not attract attention.

Buy your favorite kimono and let it go with your style:

Wooden sandals:

They always went with some wooden sandals quite heavy and difficult to carry making that you are walking it seems that they were "jumping" and traveling very short distances between steps.

Get the same sandals that they walked with


Each and every one of them they used a fan to camouflage their faces before the eyes of the men who turned to contemplate them. Of striking colors perfectly combined with their warm and perfectionist tunics.

Acquire a fan just like an authentic Geisha's

Images of geisha hairstyles