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Foot care in summer

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The time has come to get rid of socks and boots and expose our feet, but … horror! hardness, cracked heels, dry skin, yellowish nails … not counting the blisters that are sure to appear with the first change of shoes … We offer some clues so that your feet smile at them in good weather.

The popular expression "is like a stone in the shoe" perfectly defines how the different problems that affect the feet can bother us and how it can influence not only our mood but also our health. To avoid them, the best investment is undoubtedly good shoes and basic foot care. Today we share with you some tips offered by the firm of foot care products Dr. Scholl

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<pre><span style=Cracked heels

The cracked heels appear due to various external factors, such as the use of inappropriate footwear, excessive pressure on the heels, temperature changes …, but also due to physiological factors such as skin diseases, stress, etc.

How to prevent it: performing regular foot care: exfoliating them twice a week to remove dead skin and keep skin hydrated daily.

To relieve: specific creams for cracked heels and files

Dr. SchollDr. Scholl

They are caused by excess growth of the corneal layer due to friction or continuous overload. They can become very painful. They appear on the fingers, on the tip or on the floor.

How to prevent: It is important to eliminate the cause of pressure or rubbing.

To relieve: dressings, finger protectors and protective patches.


They are fragments of hard and thickened skin that produce pain and burning sensation due to the pressure of nerve fibers.

How to prevent: wearing appropriate shoes that do not press the foot and performing regular foot care. Exfoliate to remove dead skin at least 2 times per week and keep the skin hydrated daily.

To relieve: lime for corns and hardnesses. Plantar pads. Hardness protective patches. Anti-hardness stone

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<pre><span style=Dry Skin

The skin of the sole of the foot can suffer water losses that cause it to become dehydrated and, as a result, the skin becomes rough, dry and more vulnerable to infections.

How to prevent: performing a daily foot care, hydrating them with a cream formulated specifically for the skin of the foot.

To relieve: with moisturizers of varying intensity and richness.

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<pre><span style=Tired feet

Tiredness or burning in the feet is due to physical overexertion, heat or the use of an inappropriate shoe. Circulatory problems can cause swollen or tired feet.

How to prevent: using a suitable shoe that does not press the foot making cold, hot and finally cold baths (room temperature).

To relieve: Creams defatigantes or for tired feet, formulated with menthol, provide relief and freshness.

Bad smell and sweating
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<p>The soles of the feet harbor a huge amount and variety of bacteria. These by breaking down sweat produce substances that cause the bad smell.</p>
<p><span style=How to prevent: performing proper hygiene and meticulous drying of the foot. Wearing socks made of natural fibers and changing them daily. Venting footwear to remove moisture. In case of using sneakers it is convenient to alternate its use.

To relieve: using products that effectively attack odor and absorbent powders.

Lack of comfort

The pain and tiredness of the sole is mainly due to footwear. There is an immense variety of shapes and measures of the foot, and the various ways of walking, so it is difficult for them to adapt properly.

How to prevent: placing a soft and soft pad on the shoe that provides comfort and relaxation to the sore and tired foot.

To relieve: gel mini-templates of different type.

Repair Repair

They are due to continued friction or rubbing, especially when there is a change in the habits of wearing shoes (new shoes, not wearing socks or socks, a defect in the shoe itself …)

How to prevent: make sure that the shoes have a correct fit (1 cm longer than the foot) and that it does not press.

To relieve: If the shoe rubs, the area must be protected with a suitable dressing and, if possible, specific for ampoules much better.

Discolored or hard nails

Nail discoloration is caused by footwear pressure, the passage of time or the use of enamels. Nails can also be hardened by the pressure and friction of footwear, age, disease or malnutrition.

How to prevent: To avoid losing their color and hardening, try not to be aggressive with the use of enamels and ketones and keep them hydrated and protected.

To relieve: specific products for discolored nails and softening nail cream.

Health is also on your feet

  • Did you know that during our life we ​​came to walk about 200,000 km, which is equivalent to four times around the world? Caring for the feet is therefore a matter of health, since they are the only foothold on which the balance of the entire body is maintained.
  • Fungi are microscopic enemies that are preferably installed in the foci of constant humidity. Avoid infections in the pool or sauna by protecting your feet with sports sandals. If they have made their appearance, go to the podiatrist or dermatologist to eradicate them.
  • The cold baths activate the circulation while the temperate ones are toning. Both contribute to the health of your feet and are a great relief, especially after hard days of work or sports activity.

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<h3><span style=Some proposals for the care of your feet …

    Express callus treatment 2 in 1, from Dr scholl. Pencil-shaped product that contains an exfoliating lime on one end and, on the other, the advanced liquid that will make the callus disappear. It is a revolutionary and fast way to treat corns to the root in just five days. Your price: € 11.85

    Softening foot stick Nails Hands Feet, from Douglas. A solution in format stick It helps reduce calluses and hardness until it is completely dissolved. Components such as urea, allantoin and panthenol attack root hardnesses and help their total elimination. Your price: € 8.95

    Anti-cracking foot cream, from Viadol. Cream with a high content of Urea that reinforces the moisturizing power and helps the intensive repair of dry, cracked and rough feet, improving its appearance. Your price: € 8.56 / 75ml

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<p><span style=Cream hardness, from Leaps. Cream with a moisturizing formula, softener and with an acid component that softens the hardened areas and reduces hardness as well as preventing its appearance. Your price: € 8.80 / 50ml

    Ultra comforting foot cream, from Nuxe. Cream with a formula composed of 86.4% by ingredients of natural origin that helps reduce, soothe and repair dry or damaged skin of the feet. It allows hydration 24 hours a day. Your price: € 14.00 / 75ml

    Idrosi XL antiperspirant gel, from Repair. Gel that acts against excess sweating applicable in all skin types because it respects the pH of even the most sensitive. It can also be applied to armpits, hands and even the face. Your price: € 13.20 / 2ml single dose

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<p><span style=Escafonia Solemate, from Tweezerman. A double kit that includes everything you need to file and soften your feet. It contains a micro lime that removes corns and rough skin and a scraper that serves to leave the skin smooth. Your price: € 23.00

    Aqua block, from Salvelox. Waterproof dressings that accelerate the healing process and therefore reduce the risk of contracting bacteria or the development of scars. Designed to have a perfect adaptation, waterproof, flexible and transparent. Your price: 2.47 € / 12ud

    Manicure and pedicure set MPE-60 ELLE, from Beurer. A set that includes nine sapphire tip accessories to fix nails easily and quickly. The accessories allow to remove dry skin, smooth, polish, remove hardness and file.

    Micro-pedi, from Emjoi. Device that offers you the possibility of performing a professional pedicure in your own home. It has two rollers for different types of skins and by passing through the affected area mechanically remove hardnesses, calluses and dead skins of plants and heels. Your price: € 49.95

    Very important

    Always dry exfoliate your feet. You can repeat the exfoliation a couple of times per week

    After the extreme shower, care to dry the plant and the intergital space perfectly

    When the feet are completely dry, apply a good moisturizer. This care must be daily