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Five tips (and the best cosmetics) to reduce cellulite

One of the main premises for cosmetics to work is the constancy in its use. And as we cannot claim results overnight, today we publish our first entry of the year on cellulite, with some cosmetic proposals, that way we give you some time to act properly when the time of the “uncover” comes . In addition, to help you further in your crusade against cellulite, we offer you some tips provided by Somatoline, to enhance the action of the products …

Five golden tips against cellulite

  1. Sleep a minimum of eight hours a day: Recent studies show that insufficient sleep encourages fat accumulation, so we must respect the maximum.
  2. Apply night self-massage that favor the venous return and the reabsorption of the accumulated liquids during the day in the tissues of our body.
  3. Use an ankle cushion provided you are in a horizontal position, to improve circulation and avoid uncomfortable swelling.
  4. Choose a formula rich in caffeine, active that has demonstrated the maximum effectiveness to help us in reducing and skin smoothing terms.
  5. Exfoliates and hydrates: a skin with cellulite is usually thinner and more delicate. Ideally, keep it hydrated and free of dead cells, so that its self-regeneration is efficient.

Our anti-cellulite selection

Clarins, cellulite, Body FitClarins

Bio fit, from Clarins. Minimizes the appearance of cellulite, refines, provides an immediate lifting effect and redefines the silhouette. Obtained thanks to Clarins Research, the quince leaf extract acts on the main factors that cause the appearance of cellulite to visibly refine the silhouette. The action of the quince extract is reinforced by caffeine, a slimming active ingredient of recognized efficacy, and other plant extracts such as lattice, organic water mint, baccharis, escabiosa and horse chestnut. Your price: € 57 / 200ml.

<img data-attachment-id = "35393" data-permalink = " sabras / slim-design_elancyl-bellezaactiva / "data-orig-file =" "data-orig-size =" 82,300 "data-comments -opened = "1" data-image-meta = "{" aperture ":" 0 "," credit ":" "," camera ":" "," caption ":" "," created_timestamp ":" 0 " , "copyright": "", "focal_length": "0", "iso": "0", "shutter_speed": "0", "title": "", "orientation": "0"} "data- image-title = "Winners of the Elancyl Slim Design contest Slim-Design_Elancyl-Bellezaactiva" data-image-description = "

Winners of the Elancyl Slim Design contest

"data-medium-file =" "data-large-file =" /Slim-Design_Elancyl-Bellezaactiva.jpg "class =" size-full wp-image-35393 "src =" "alt =" Slim Design, Elancyl, anti-cellulite, cellulite "width =" 82 "height =" 300 "srcset =" 82w, https: // bellezaactiva. com / wp-content / uploads / Slim-Design_Elancyl-Bellezaactiva-20×73.jpg 20w "sizes =" (max-width: 82px) 100vw, 82px "/> Elancyl

Slim Design, from Elancyl. It has an anti-nodule complex capable of acting on tissue stiffening. Its formulation with guarantees a visible smoothing of the nodules and acts on the storage of lipids; In addition, the ivy provides a drentum action and the salacia gives the elasticity to the tissues. Its texture is pleasant and easily absorbed. It also incorporates pigments that reflect light for immediate optical smoothing. Thanks to its chronoprogrammed formula, an application in the morning is sufficient for 24 hours of effectiveness. Its price: € 37.40 / 200ml.

Somatoline, cellulite, celluliteSomatoline

Reduction Treatment 7 nights ultra intensive, from Somatoline. Maximum reducing efficiency in just one week of application thanks to its potentiated formula and concentrated in reducing assets, which takes advantage of the special receptivity of the skin in the night hours to exert its triple action: Lipolytic: favors the reduction of localized fat accumulations ; draining: promotes the elimination of excess skin fluids and anti-accumulation: prevents the formation of new accumulations of localized fat. Your price: € 49.90 / 450ml.

Ami Iyok, Celucombat, cellulite, celluliteAmi Iok

Celucombat, from Ami Iyök. Concentrated anti-cellulite cream based on a combination of active ingredients of organic origin: Fucus, ruscus, lemon, coconut, caffeine, Ivy, Tens'UP, gotu koloa and sacha inchi oil in the same formula that fight against the orange peel Get a firm appearance. In addition, shea butter and aloe vera ensure hydration and prevent the appearance of stretch marks. It includes Lipout ™, An asset that is obtained from the microalgae Tisochrysis fights and burns the stored fat, reshapes the silhouette, reduces body volume and eliminates cellulite. Your price: € 105 / 100ml.

Anne Möller, anti-cellulite, celluliteAnne Möller

Tri-attack, from Anne Möller. Multifunctional treatment that helps reduce the appearance of orange peel, reshape the body contour and firm the skin. Its formulation incorporates an active revolutionary: a phytocomplex extracted from a carnivorous plant with anti-cellulite and reducing properties, which inhibits the storage of fat cells and stimulates their mobilization and degradation. To enhance its effects, it also contains caffeine, the quintessential anti-cellulite active that stimulates the elimination of fats and exerts a draining effect. Its price: € 32.50 / 400ml.

Lierac, cellulite, celluliteLierac

Slim body, from Lierac. Anti-cellulite concentrate, beautifies and defines. The gel-cream texture has an enveloping effect on the skin providing a feeling of intense and lasting freshness. Cellulite and padding are reduced, the silhouette is refined. The transformed skin: it is firm and more beautiful, smooth and hydrated. Your price: € 45 / 200ml.

Oligo DX, Cellulite-DS-Laboratories, cellulite, celluliteDS-Laboratories

Oligo.DX, from DS Laboratories. Gel that acts quickly in the area where there is cellulite. Its innovative transport system takes the active ingredients to the layers of the skin where cellulite forms. This product penetrates and dissolves cellulite nodules and localized fat. It has a cleansing and detoxifying effect that improves the overall quality of the skin without the need for other treatments. Week after week, the skin improves its relief by showing more uniform and reducing the volume of the perimeter of the treated area. Your price: € 34.90 / 150ml

Body Oil, Alqvimia, Anti-cellulite, CelluliteAlqvimia

Anti-cellulite Body Oil, from Alqvimia. This body oil made from the purest raw materials of natural origin is specially formulated to combat cellulite, reducing adipose excesses located in areas such as thighs and hips, abdomen and buttocks, and toning and attenuating the unsightly orange peel. Thanks to its unctuous texture, the dermis and epidermis are deeply nourished, while increasing the softness and beauty of the entire skin. Your price: € 57 / 150ml.


Celluli Siluet Booster, from Skeyndor. Produces or enhances the anti-cellulite and remodeling effect in body care cosmetics. Formula 30 days to soften the orange peel and reduce contour volume. It is recommended to use a few drops in the Draining Anti-Cellulite Gel or with the Anti-cellulite Cream Rebel Zones.

Yves Rocher, Anti-cellulite, anti-cellulite, celluliteYves Rocher

Daily Anti-Cellulite Moisturizer, from Yves Rocher. Melting cream with a highlighter nude texture. In a single gesture, the skin is hydrated, instantly embellished. Day after day, the orange peel appearance visibly smoothes. It is applied morning and night throughout the silhouette, replacing the usual body milk. Formula tested under dermatological control, without mineral oil, without parabens, this 92% natural formula, moisturizes your skin and has a reducing effect. Its price: € 12.95 / 200ml.


Photography: © Clarins