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First woman with Down syndrome in a beauty campaign

Primera mujer con sindrome de down en campaña de belleza

Some years ago people with Down syndrome were removed from society because their condition made them "unable" to do anything, fortunately all those absurd beliefs have changed. Now people suffering from this type of syndrome have shown that they can carry out a normal life and any activity that they set out to do. Within the world of fashion they have taken great ground, such is the case of the Madeline Stuart model, who has achieved great success on the catwalks and in various advertising campaigns.

However, she is not the only girl with this condition that has conquered the world of fashion. There is also Katie Meade, a 32-year-old girl, who despite having faced numerous obstacles in life, is overcoming another barrier. Katie has been selected as the new face of the campaign Land Beauty, of the company Beauty and Pin-Ups.

Meet Katie Meade

  Katie Meade athlete and model who is the face of a new beauty campaign

“Being born with Down syndrome can cause many problems, both physical and mental. The kids made fun of me. I was not always accepted by ‘normal’ children and that hurts. ”

Since she was a child, Meade fought against various health problems, had to undergo two open heart operations. Then he overcame the intimidation he suffered at school and became a Special Olympics athlete competing in various sports such as gymnastics and basketball. At 32, Katie Meade has overcome another barrier: she has been selected as the new face of the hair care line of Beauty and Pin-Ups.

The mark of Beauty and Pin-Ups promotes the potential of women

Katie Meade athlete and model who is the face of a new beauty campaign posing in a photo shoot

For the first time, a model with Down syndrome is the face of a beauty campaign. The hair care line Beauty and Pin-Ups He revealed that the face of his last campaign is the 32-year-old model and athlete Katie Meade. Within the campaign Meade is the representative of a new hair rescue treatment, a movement that has been monumental for the company.

The CEO of Beauty and Pin-UpsKenny Kahn has mentioned that the brand has always celebrated the potential of women and what they need to be a pin-up in a modern world.

"We were already launching this product, in our mind it could have been the traditional pin-up, but as soon as we came up with the name" fearless "it was very easy to think of a fearless Katie."

How did you contact Katie for the new campaign?

Katie Meade athlete and model who is the face of a new beauty campaign posing in different beauty products

Beauty director Kahn met Katie through Best Buddies International, a nonprofit organization that helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Meade is an ambassador for this organization.

“People will see me for what I am and they will not see me as a person with disabilities, because I have the capacity. I really like trying new different things and inspiring other women to do that. Beauty belongs to everyone. ”

Katie certainly knows how to fall in love with the camera