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Fight neck and neckline wrinkles

A few days ago a reader asked us how to treat neck wrinkles, one of the most delicate areas because, as experts say, it is the area of ​​the body that does not deceive about the age of a woman. As in the trunks of trees, the passage of time leaves the so-called annual rings or venus rings, the characteristics horizontal wrinkles, which are usually accompanied by a loss of skin elasticity and a sagging facial contour. As of the 40s, the double chin is usually seen in some people, caused by the weakening of the fatty tissue and causing an accumulation of fat under the chin.

Continuing down, the neckline in addition to wrinkles usually presents the classic dark spots caused by skin aging due to the action of the sun, aggravating the aged appearance of the area. Maintaining minimal daily care can make the skin stay healthy and elastic longer.

Sepai Firewall

It is not strange that the neck and neckline show better than any other area over time. The skin of the neck and neckline has special characteristics that make it different from that of the face and the rest of the body. In this area the epidermis (outermost layer of the skin) is very thin and quickly dehydrates, since It has a low density of sebaceous and sweat glands. In addition, the number of melanocytes (melanin producing cells, the pigment that gives color to the skin and protects it from the sun's ultraviolet rays) is about 1,400 per square millimeter compared to 2,100, more or less, that exist in the Same space on the face. This causes the neck and neckline to be more unprotected against ultraviolet radiation. To this we must add the mechanical aggression that involves the high number of movements performed by the neck of tension and distention of tissues, as well as the effect of the law of gravity, which of course does not get rid.

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A gesture as simple as extending the daily cosmetic of the face to the neck and neckline would largely avoid this problem. And it is that the neck is that area where neither the face moisturizer nor the body lotion arrives. That is why when the first signs of aging appear, the most indicated is to treat it with specific cosmetic products that repair the damages suffered. To avoid the appearance of spots, apply a sunscreen or moisturizer that includes high protection factor. With this, you can also hydrate the area. If there are already wrinkles, you must use a anti aging cosmetic. Some of them fight at the same time all the signs of the passage of time, that is to say, both wrinkles and sagging and stains, with which it is possible to act on all fronts. In addition, many anti-aging facial cosmetics expressly indicate in their statement "for face and neck", so that the cream does not stay on the chin. Whether a facial product or a specific neck and neckline product is chosen, the best way to apply it is to perform ascending circular movements from the chest to the neck and chin. On the contrary, you never have to pull the skin down to avoid contributing to sagging.

In extreme cases you can resort to a lifting, the surgical solution to the sagging that consists of to stretch the skin of the area through incisions in the area of ​​the neck and the root of the hair. Often the lifting The neck is performed at the same time as the facial and, in addition, a small incision is usually made under the chin to remove excess fat or gill. Before reaching this end, you can perform some simple exercises to reaffirm the area or resort to aesthetic treatments.

What happens in neck and neckline

  • The breakage of elastic fibers causes deep wrinkles
  • Neck movements cause wrinkles in the collar, called annual rings or of Venus
  • The alteration of the microcirculation causes double chin
  • The weakening of fatty tissue causes it to accumulate even more fat
  • Dehydration causes crossed wrinkles on the neckline
  • The lack of melanocytes and sun protection translates into dark spots
Neck and Neck Lifting Collistar

Get it firmer

Exercises can contribute to counteract sagging and dewlap own neck. Five minutes a day is enough to reaffirm And they can be done anywhere, even work.

1.- Supporting the arms on the table, with the hands joined by the wrists and open in the form of a cup, support the chin and drop the weight of the head, pressing several times.

2.- Tilt your head forward, trying to touch your neck with your chin, and then back as far as possible. Make series of five movements slowly.

3.- With your back straight, slowly make full turns of the head. Relax, do five and stop.

4.- Pronounce in a very exaggerated way the letters O and X ten times in a row. In addition to the neck, this exercise tones the chest.

5.- Another exercise that also works for the bust is to join the palms of the hands at chest level, in the position of I pray, and press against each other hard. Relax and repeat ten times.

Cosmetics that can help

• Olay Regenerist Serum. Serum with the highest level of penta-peptide concentration of the brand, acts in three areas: visibly improves the facial skin, restores the appearance of the neck skin, and reaffirms the neckline, all in five days according to Secure the brand. € 34

• Firewall by Sepai. Concentrated cream formulated to prevent and mitigate all signs of skin aging with a very high sun protection factor (SPF 50+) and active to treat facial, neck and cleavage spots. A single drop is sufficient in each application. € 260

• Sérénage de Avène. Nutri-densifying day cream for sensitive mature skin with three active ingredients that nourish, redensify supportive tissue and fight cellular oxidation. € 36.15

• Collistar Neck and Neck Lift. Immediate tensor effect treatment (lifting) and progressive firming action with an asset that reinforces the supports of the neck and chin tissues. € 49.90

Rénergy Lift Volumetry Lancôme

• Réenergie Lift Volumetry by Lancôme. Lifting volume treatment that redefines the oval facial, tense and gives volume to the face and neck. € 106

• Crème Multi-Perfection Capture Totale de Dior. Face and neck cream that corrects all the signs of aging, reconstitutes, fortifies and nourishes the skin, and brightens the complexion. € 52.15