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Fight heavy legs

Multi-Drain Treatment in Three Steps

To avoid heaviness of the legs, reduce swelling of the ankles, unlock fluid retention and get blood and lymph to perform the return circulation without problems, it is advisable to perform a good combined draining treatment. Like the one proposed by the beauty center Oxygen.

In order for the blood and lymphatic circulation to travel through the body without stopping and accumulating at any point, the first thing to do is to eliminate the possible blockages in the body. For this, an acupressure massage is performed on various points. The treatment begins with a welcome massage performed on acupuncture points, relaxants and sedatives.

Then, several quartz stones are placed on the lumbar area to enhance the work of liquid elimination and balance the energy system of the kidneys and gallbladder, and proceed to perform a acupressure massage that stimulates the activation of these organs.

A draining massage is performed on the legs with a jojoba base oil enriched with essential oils of geranium, rosemary, fennel, juniper and palm, which stimulate the elimination of liquids.

  • Thirdor: Activate circulation

The session ends with a pressotherapy program appropriate to the needs of each person.

At home…

Daily use of a specific cream is recommended for each case and a self-massage performed on both legs with upward movements.

In addition, Estrella Pujol, director of Oxygen , recommends drinking two liters of water and walking continuously for 30 minutes daily, since "it is very beneficial to maintain the good results of the treatment performed."

Duration: 70 to 90 minutes
Recommended Sessions: Between 4 and 8 sessions, according to evolution.
Price per session: check with the center €€

Treatment Multi-Drain in Three Steps
Where: Oxygen
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Telephone 932 007 333