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Feel like an Egyptian queen

NFT Ritual (Sergi Jasanada)

Do you want to live a sensory experience that transports you to Ancient Egypt? Now you can! The NFT Ritual from Kanzah Beauté It is a treatment that prepares the skin and leaves it ready for the change of season. But, in addition, you literally feel like the beautiful queen Nefertiti in the time of the pharaohs, since it combines ancient cosmetic techniques and ingredients, such as alabaster powder or Egyptian cotton, with the therapeutic properties of jade.

NFT it is the hieroglyphic sign with which it was written beauty in ancient egypt For the Egyptians, the word beauty, more than describing a beautiful face or a body with a certain size, it meant harmony, goodness and, above all, perfection. Thus Kanzah Beauté He has decided to give this name to his new beauty ritual, a comprehensive treatment (facial and body) that leaves the skin soft and mind calm.

A lot of information has come from the cosmetics and beauty treatments of Ancient Egypt. That is why we know that they worried about preventing skin aging, protecting it from the African sun and maintaining hygiene that was considered essential for health.

Based on this ancient knowledge, Kanzah Beauté has developed a professional cosmetic line and a complete treatment, the NFT Ritual. It is a cleansing and oxygenating ritual that balances and relaxes the body and mind, providing light and firmness to the skin, which consists of five steps:

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one. Welcome to the ritual! It consists of stretching of the extremities and accommodation of the cranio-sacral system, so that you feel comfortable.

two. Exfoliation. To eliminate toxins and dead cells and leave the body ready to receive the assets that are applied, you have to start with a body scrub. In the NFT Ritual It is done by combining an exquisite formulation: the exfoliating cream NFT / Exfoliant, with alabaster powder, salt, honey and rosehip, and the mechanical action exerted by a mitt of Egyptian lufa. The skin is soft and ready to receive the active ingredients that apply to it.

3. Oxygenation and massage. Applies then NFT Oxygen Balm, an ointment based on beeswax and oxygenating, decontracting, soothing, moisturizing and firming assets, which on contact with the skin becomes an oil, with which the massage is performed NFT / Perfect Balance. The whole body is worked with the help of jade spheres and it improves the circulatory function, relieves possible aches or pains and brings relaxation and well-being. In short, it returns balance and stability to the body.

Four. Mummification. After the massage, the jade spheres in the hands, placed on the ribcage and arms crossed over the chest. Jade acts by exerting the properties attributed to it by gem therapy: harmonizing energies and emotions, toning, calming and relaxing. Then mummified (Yes, you read that right!) The body with an Egyptian cotton veil, considered the purest cotton in the world. Mummification, which is nothing other than a wrapping, relaxes the body and spirit and allows the penetration of the active principles contained in the NFT / Oxygen Balm.

5. Energy awakening. Finally, an invigorating and stimulating final pass with the cream NFT / Oxygen Cream, oxygenating, decongestant, soothing and energizing that incorporates a high content of molecular oxygen within the superficial layers of the skin.

In addition to the components of cosmetics that come directly from the Egyptian tradition, the NFT Ritual It has two key points. On the one hand, the massage performed with the jade spheres. Exists jade of many colors. In its pure state it is white, but when fused with different minerals it takes on other colors. The best known is the green which is considered energy harmonizer, soothing and relaxing, tones the nerves and softens emotions. This semiprecious stone has been used since ancient times for the properties attributed to it: For the Maya, it favored the passage to paradise after death; pre-Hispanic people attributed a higher value to gold since they considered it a symbol of life, and in China they use the word "Yü" to refer to jade, which means "treasure" or "jewel", representing nobility, perfection and the inmortality.

The luffa on the other hand, It is the fruit of a broad-leaved vine plant that grows wild. It consists of a dense network of fibers that form a kind of sponge. Among its properties are:

  • Exfoliates and regenerates the skin's surface.
  • It helps improve blood circulation.
  • It dries very quickly, contrary to what happens with conventional sponges, which prevents the formation of fungi.