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Fashion skirts 2019 – trends

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For these upcoming seasons of 2019, several very noticeable trends have resurfaced in terms of skirts, for example, those of long length (that reach the feet) or pleated skirts (which have ironed folds), among many others trends. Next, we will show you all the models of fashion skirts for 2019.

Fashion skirts

There are two garments that are definitely the most feminine options for which a woman can choose, we speak of course of dresses and skirts. But if we have to choose between them, one that besides looking amazing and allows us to benefit from a huge diversity of looks, is undoubtedly the skirt. Since the simple fact of combining them with different blouses and accessories can roundly change our outfits.


They have been seen on the catwalks and used by celebrities as well. Pleated ones are used, that is, with many well-defined, ironed folds. These types of skirts are very beautiful and usually fit all women, since they are very feminine and elegant.

For a garment to succeed, the details are very important. The texture, the cut, the movement of the garment, etc. On the catwalks, the designers showed us skirts with movements achieved through pleats.

This beautiful pleat has been seen in both medium and long skirts. With them you can create casual chic looks or formal sets as for the office. You just have to take into account the fabric, length and accessories. If similar tones are combined, attention will be drawn to the fabric and structure of the garments.

The pleats balance the figure and body proportion. Those with broad shoulders can balance their silhouette using this type of skirts.

Maxi Skirts

The maxi skirts in vaporous fabrics are one of the most gaining ground for next season.

A really dynamic proposal, worthy of both the winter season and the summer season, as it gives us a lot of movement.


Skirts made of leather, constitute another of the proposals that we can not fail to include in our wardrobe this 2019.

Patent leather

For the most formal occasions, which demand 100% sophistication, the skirts that best fit are undoubtedly those made with striking materials, such as shiny leather or patent leather.

This material is one of the main trends of the season, although this trend carries popularity of past seasons.


The padded skirts are one of the most original presented by the 2019 season, and they look radically different depending on what they are combined with.


The tartan print is not a novelty that is increasingly gaining popularity. It gives life to endless garments, within which skirts of course occupy a leading role. Finding in this way very versatile skirts, easy to combine with a large number of garments and styles.


The asymmetrical skirts are other of those that will extend the numerous amount of adepts they have achieved in the current season.

Therefore if you are one of those who had not yet heard of them, then be prepared because they will be one of the great trends of 2019. The orange model of the image below, is a true work of art, in addition to that it adorns every woman and makes her look incredibly sensual. But not all models are the same, there are options to work in the office, or to go more unnoticed by adding some leggins.

Your image may not seem so striking at first, but after seeing several models of different brands, we begin to realize all the charm they have to offer. They suggest, but at the same time hide, are striking where you look at them and come to represent a midpoint between provocation and shyness.

Original prints

This type of print is one of the most successful of the season, since the collections of the most famous designers and firms of the moment have made this trend take a lot of force this season.

High waist

Fashion changes every season, both in colors and in designs and forms of clothing. In the fall winter 2019 collections of the best designers, we could see a piece that repeats itself: skirts with a very high waist.

Bright colors

Many colors have been seen, very striking, such as fuchsia, yellow, blue or red.

Midi skirts tend to shorten our legs, so we will be lower. To avoid this we have to take into account the following tricks: they must be combined with a short top, which does not pass the waist and heels. This will make us not see each other lower.

Skirts are a fundamental piece of fashion, where many designers included them in their collections as a centerpiece, becoming a garment present in all the most popular fashion stores. And this is so, not only because of the capacity of style and glamor that they can attribute to us, but because they are a practical and versatile garment, comfortable and fresh. In addition, they can hide defects of our body like legs that are too thick.

The skirts are easy to combine, wearing them with jerseys or shirts, as well as comfortable sandals, ballerinas or platforms. You will find designs of all kinds, perfect for the night or for the day, in a wide range of colors and designs, as well as floral, animal print or geometric prints. You can choose pleated skirts, skirts with pockets, skirts that are very long to the floor or a little shorter from the knees.


Several designers opted for wrapped skirts that show an opening in front. They are feminine and versatile to create several different looks.

We have no doubt that skirts are the most successful female garment of all time, since they allow us to show our most feminine, elegant and sensual side.