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Factors to consider before cutting your hair

Factors to consider before cutting your hair

Getting a haircut that makes us feel like a celebrity, has no greater mystery than finding the right one for our face, lifestyle, etc. To achieve this from Beltrán Centers we will show you the factors to consider before cutting your hair.

First, we must know what the shape of our face is. We have all heard that if heart-shaped, diamond, rectangular, oval … etc. But what is ours? To know it you just have to put yourself in front of the mirror, take a measuring tape with you and measure the height of your face, from the birth of the hair to the chin. Write it down on paper. The next measurement is the width, for this we will measure first from temple to temple, then on the line of the eyes, about 4 cm from the first horizontal measurement and finally just above the chin.

We represent these measurements on paper and draw a line that unites them, as a result we will obtain a heart, a rectangle, an oval shape or a square. That will be the shape of our face. Remember, there is no perfect face, but the perfect cut for each shape.

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<p style=The next thing to keep in mind is the texture of our hair, since you cannot make the same cut for a straight hair, than for a wavy or curly one and more if it is rebellious.

Another important factor is our lifestyle, since if we work 8 hours, we go to the gym every day, or do any daily activity, which requires us to wash it every day, it is more advisable to make a cut that requires little maintenance and that tells us less look in perfect condition and also, we will avoid spending several hours in front of the mirror every day hand dryer.

Let's also think about the type of pickups that we would like to continue using, wearing or not bangs, etc.

And of course, follow fashion trends, whatever hairstyle you like or the cut you look, you can adapt it to the fashion trends of the moment. Every year the catwalks inspire us with hairstyles, colors and cuts, why not adapt them to our personal style ?, dare with balayage wicks or surf waves, the style is wide and you are free to choose what you want to wear.