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Face masks you can do with egg white

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Aging is inevitable, and this whole process makes our skin look flaccid and dull, especially the one in the eye area. All the tissues in this area become weak over time, and in the end it only makes our eyes look inflamed and with terrible wrinkles.

Maybe there is no treatment to stop the passage of time, but we can do it a little slow and make our skin look beautiful. One of the best ways you can achieve it is by using natural products such as eggs. Egg white has many properties, that is why it is used in many of the beauty treatments that we know because it can strengthen our skin and hair. Just look at this excellent technique that can stop the sagging skin.

1. Use egg white on the eyelids

Before applying make sure your eyelids are free of makeup. Now that you are ready, the first thing you have to do is remove the yolk from an egg, since you will only need the egg white. Then beat the egg white until it is at the snow point.

Woman applying egg on eyelids

Finally dip a swab in the mixture and apply the egg white on your eyelid, be sure to gently stretch the eyelid skin outwards and cover it well with the mixture. Let it dry for a few minutes and then remove the mask with warm water.

2. Free your complexion from impurities

GIF girl beating a white egg

It is very common to use egg white as a face mask, because it quickly eliminates the annoying pimples, acne and horrible blackheads. So this is a simple trick that will help you eliminate them.

All you need is: an egg white, toilet paper or make-up towels, a brush, a jar or glass

Girl applying egg white with toilet paper on her face

Before applying the mask make sure your face is free of makeup. The first thing you have to do is separate the egg white from the yolk, then beat the egg white with a fork. Then apply a layer of the clear whipped with the brush on your face, you can use a concealer brush as it will help you spread it better.

Avoid touching the area of ​​the eyelids and lips, it is preferable to concentrate on the areas where more fat accumulates such as the nose, cheekbones or forehead. After applying it, place two thin sheets of toilet paper on the cheekbones and the rest of the face, when finished create another layer with egg white and toilet paper or damp towels.

Girl taking off the egg white and toilet paper mask

Once you finish with both layers allow them to dry for 30 minutes, you will notice how your face feels with a tightness. After the mixture is completely dry, begin to remove the pieces of paper upwards. Finally wash your face with warm water and with the help of a wet towel remove the remains. Then apply a moisturizer, you will notice how your face looks clean and softer. Look here the whole process.

3. Reduce the bags in the eyes

Girl applying an egg white mask

Another benefit of egg white is that it helps reduce eye bags. Yes, those annoying bags that make your face look aged and dull.

For this mask you will only need a cotton swab and egg white.

Clean your face well. Then beat the egg white in a bowl and then with the help of a swab apply a thin layer of the white on the most affected parts. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse your face with warm water.

4. Hydrate your face

How to prepare an egg white and honey mask

It is good that you use this treatment at night, especially before bedtime. You only need the egg white, a tablespoon of honey and a few drops of olive oil.

First mix all the ingredients in a bowl, then you should apply the mixture on your face and neck. Then cover your face and neck with a towel soaked slightly in warm water, leave it there for 5 to 10 minutes before washing your face and neck. Your skin will appreciate that you do this at least two nights a week.

5. Say goodbye to the horrible wrinkles

GIF girl applying egg white on her face

This last egg mask that will help you reduce those wrinkles that begin to form near your eyes and at the corner of your lips.

You need to mix an egg white with a tablespoon of wheat flour and a teaspoon of honey. Apply this mask on the face and after 5- 10 minutes you should wash it. Your skin will feel very soft and velvety, with time you will see how wrinkles are reduced. The best of all these remedies is that they are completely natural.