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Eyeshadows that have nothing to ask the smokey eye

16 Creativas maneras de maquillar tus ojos si ya te cansaste de solo delinearte

The world of makeup knows no limits and imagination is essential to create looks fun and daring with which in addition to feeling beautiful, we attract all the attention.

And because not everything is smokey eyes not outlined cat eyeWe bring you 16 creative ways you can experiment to make your gaze the strong point of your appearance.

1. Highlight with a cut crease contrasting

Creative eye makeup; cut crease with pink and blue shades

This technique enhances the contrast of the colors because instead of combining them with a gradient, it makes the difference between each one.

2. A feminine cut crease flowered

Creative eye makeup; cut crease with flower outline

To give it a different touch, you can also hide the line with beautiful detail, such as a series of tiny flowers. How good is your pulse?

3. Smokey eyes infinite

Creative eye makeup; smokey eyes with yellow, pink, orange and purple shades

We are used to delimiting shadows using our eyebrows as a reference, but for a more intense effect, take your eye makeup beyond the outer end of your eyebrow and almost to the cheekbones.

4. Say yes to themed shadows

Creative eye makeup; creative and themed cut crease, lion king and ocean sunset eye shadow

Themed makeup doesn't always have to look like a costume. Find something you like (sunset by the sea or the movie The Lion King), base your choice of colors on that and let your hand find its way.

5. The full intensity of litmus

Creative eye makeup; smokey eyes litmus purple, pink and black

Litmus not only looks great on hair, it's a mysterious inspiration for dramatic eye makeup. Use it at a major event or photo shoot for your Instagram.

6.Glitter? Yes please!

Creative eye makeup; shadow with glitter

Use whatever you have at your fingertips: if you had some diamond left over from a costume or a craft, don't throw it away! Create a nice look fantasy that your inner fairy is proud of.

7. Bicolor for undecided girls

Creative eye makeup; bicolor shade

Yes, using two or more shade colors is normal, but have you tried a simple two-tone makeup with one shade on the upper eyelid and one on the lower one? If you have small eyes it will serve to enlarge them.

8. Screen with your outline

Creative eye makeup; different outline

The most common to outline our gaze is the cat eye; It looks good on all faces, combines with any garment and -almost- it works for all of us. But it is good to leave our comfort zone and try other fun and daring styles.

9. Freckles don't have to look realistic

Creative eye makeup; freckles in the eyes, points

When we choose our appearance for the day we often let ourselves be led by what they will say. Stop worrying about others! Wear that skirt, color your hair, and put those fake, colorful freckles on your eye.

10. Give your imagination wings

Creative eye makeup; creative shadow

They say the limits are in the mind and when it comes to creating art in your eyes it also applies. Explore styles and experiment with colors!

11. The treasure at the end of the rainbow

Creative eye makeup; rainbow shadow

If you were created with sugar, flowers and MANY colors, it is essential that you learn to recreate a beautiful rainbow to decorate your face. It's not as hard as it looks.

12. Bold colors for outgoing girls

Creative eye makeup; flashy colors, purple, green, pink

Bored of the same earth tones of always? Inject your skin with the color that most closely resembles your funny soul.

13. Give the gothic a chance

Creative eye makeup; gothic shadow, black with green beetle

Who said that witches only paint black? They love greens, reds, purples … Sure, mixed with darkness.

14. Buy an Electrifying Shadow Palette

Creative eye makeup; brightly colored shadows on the lower eyelid; blue and pink with black lips

We already talked about look bicolor, but this is a little more marked since it is essential that the strong or bright tone goes down. It will seem that it is lulling your gaze.

15. White for angelic women

Creative eye makeup; white eyeliner

Give your look a fresh touch with white liner. There are an infinity of colors and it is time for us to dare to use them all.

16. Different Doesn't Mean Scruffy

Creative eye makeup; shades of different colors in each eye

Just like Harley Quinn, don't be afraid to stand out from the rest to demonstrate your craziest facet. Each different colored eye will make you feel bold.