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Exercises you can do when you have little space at home

Bank jump

This move is perfect for those who live in narrow, but high areas: Put a bank of exercise fixed (approximately 40 cm high) on a flat surface. Jump on him, go down with another jump, repeat the movement 15 times and, in turn, 3 series. When you're more adept, jump from side to side and push yourself with your arms up.

Transplants or strides

To strengthen the buttocks and eliminate the thick of the thighs, we recommend you do exercises. How to start? Stand with your back straight, open the compass shoulder-width apart, and step forward with your right leg. Then, bend your knees like a 90º squad and lower as much as possible, without the knee passing the toe. Go back to the beat, do the same stunt with the other leg and so on, until you complete 3 successions, 12 strides.


They help you to mark the abs, prevent back pain and don't require a lot of space at home, That's how good the abs are! Do them in their traditional version, with the knees bent, with the legs extended to the ceiling, from side to side or as the measurements of the place where you are allow it.

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