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Everything you need to know if you want to dye your hair with henna at home

Everything you need to know if you want to dye your hair with henna at home

Does henna work when it comes to covering gray hair?

The appearance of gray hair It is one of the reasons why we usually dye our hair, can we cover them with henna? Well, it happens a bit like with very light hair. “Gray hairs are not usually completely covered in henna but usually take a light tone, type reflections. As always, it is better that you first do a test on a lock ", they recommend us from Lush.

If it loses color, how often can henna be reapplied?

Surprise, surprise !: “The more you use the henna the more you will cover each hair with henna particles, which will cling to the cuticle of your hair. This means thatand you can apply it as many times as you want, as often as you like, ”they tell us from Lush. Also, when working with a varnish, “doing it every month will guarantee you a incredibly shiny hair. "

Can henna be used after using another type of dye?

"You can use henna after a chemical stain. However, if you want to use a chemical dye after using henna, you should wait at least four weeks, or until it has lost most of its color ”, they explain. “Since henna works like a varnish around the cuticle, if you applied it recently will block the effects of chemical treatment and it will not be able to penetrate the cortex to change the color or shape of your hair. ” And this is applicable to dyes but also to other chemical treatments such as perms or some types of straightening.