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Elucyl Cellu Slim, a product for every goal in your body care

Are you of the high percentage of women who live, day by day, with the cellulitis, the body sagging or with centimeters more in the belly? Would you like to improve the appearance of your skin? Do you aim to reduce your padded appearance, regain firmness or get a flat stomach? With Elancyl You have a great ally that will help you achieve your goal, whatever it may be.

Reduce cellulite during the day

Cellu Slim It is specially formulated to fight even the most rebellious cellulite. All this is possible because it incorporates in its formulation two active assets that, associated, are capable of remove all types of fat, Even the toughest. It's about the Cecropia (a natural plant asset originating in Guyana) and the Caffeine. These two assets are joined by the action of the Ivy, which acts by eliminating toxins and excess water, and the Xantoxilina, which inhibits the differentiation of adipocytes (fat cells).

Eelcyl ECellu Slim rangeElancyl Cellu Slim range

But that's not all: its formulation is active, with the same efficiency, for 24 hours, so you don't need to use it twice a day.

Reduce cellulite overnight

If you are one of those people who in the morning take advantage of the last minute to be in bed and therefore do not have time for anything, we recommend Cellu Slim Night, the first anti-cellulite of Elancyl for night use. It has a specific asset that intensifies and provides energy to the cells to stimulate their nocturnal metabolism, that is, helps burn fat from adipocytes overnight. This new asset spreads its association of anti-cellulite, firmness and nutrition assets, to obtain visibly smooth and beautiful skin upon waking.

Get a flat stomach

If what worries you is your belly, which no longer has that smooth form of yesteryear, your product is Cellu Slim Flat Belly that has been formulated to fight against the skin relaxation of the abdominal area and recover a firm bellyand. In its composition we find an amino acid that is present in the body but that decreases with age. Thanks to the action of this amino acid, the collagen fibers are reorganized so that the abdominal area recovers its firmness.

Goodbye to cellulite and sagging, after 45 years

After Cellu Slim, Cellu Slim Night Y Cellu Slim Flat Bellylabs Elancyl A new challenge has been posed: to address the specific changes of the body of women over 45 years of age, to delay and mitigate the effect of time on the silhouette: loss of firmness, increase in centimeters, Y dehydration.

That's how it was born Cellu Slim 45+, Intended to reduce sagging, cellulite, rebuild the skin of the thighs, hips, buttocks and arms. Cellu Slim 45+ is formulated with apple pulp extract, which acts on the dermis to limit the loss of density and restore cellular activity; floridizine, known for its anti-storage properties; Caffeine and Cecropia, which stimulate lipolysis to eliminate fat; the Xantoxilina, what prevents the formation of new fat cells; the Ivy, flagship ingredient of Elancyl, constitutes a powerful weapon to lighten tissues trapped by water and to eliminate toxins; and the Safflower and coconut oils, Rich in vitamins A and E, consolidate the hydrolipidic film and nourish the skin.

These are the proposals … from here being regular in the use of the chosen product will be essential.