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Egyptian hairstyles | Hairstyles

Egyptian hairstyles | Hairstyles

Taking into account the incredible works of strength that the Egyptian people performed and that we can see reflected in the historical heritage that the pyramids mean among other constructions, we could think that the Egyptian lived only for that and did not have time to stop to think about its beauty , but this is a mistake.

The Egyptians were very careful with their appearance, both physical and his hair, for which they were not afraid to use wigs to combine the style with all the jewelry they could use.

And contrary to what you might have imagined, this community also used certain utensils very similar to those we can use today to achieve hairstyles and beauty finishes, very similar to scissors and tweezers which we currently find in barber shops and fashion shows.

It is that the Egyptian conceived of beauty as we do today, since they also had elements to do manicure and pedicure work, substances of degreasing type for the skin and other elements, which both women and men used, who were also very busy staying beautiful, fashionable and scented for different situations.

In this article we will show you how they combed their hair and what the Egyptians used to show their hair perfectly and we will show you how to do an Egyptian hairstyle today.

What are Egyptian hairstyles? (origin)

You might think that an Egyptian hairstyle, like what a fashionable hairstyle currently means, do not represent any other type of appearance other than looking good and aesthetically pleasing, but in this culture the hair was a symbol of vitality.

That is why all instances of the Egyptian as a human being were reflected in his hair and each of these citizens of ancient Egypt was identified according to how he had his hair.

Enjoying a lush hair marked the fullness of the Egyptian man, while when he fell or became gray, the citizen contemplated the consequences of the passage of time and, therefore, the loss of vitality. So the hair represented them entirely.

What were its main characteristics?

Different archaeological finds have found the main characteristics of Egyptian hairstyles, which discovered that men used a rather short and collected hair style during the old empire, to vary towards a more elaborate form of hair, but within a short time, during the new empire.

The style of the women was governed by the hair style of the goddesses, so the most common was that they use the long, straight hair that fell on their backs.

The children were represented in different types of rock art with their hair collected, either in a tuft or a braid that fell, while the priests apparently used the completely shaved skull.

The Egyptian style allowed the use of wigs and headdresses

It was not common in all social factions, but in the higher ranks that certain wigs are used, for different reasons, among which it is noted that all were shaved to avoid bugs and then, for some celebration they used them. The elderly also did it because they had lost their hair because of old age.

Did the Egyptians use hair treatments? With what products?

Incredibly and in the same way we do today, the Egyptians used different types of hair treatments, such as:

  • One of them consisted of using a mixture between water and citrus, to eliminate all the fatty content that affects the hair.
  • Almond oil is not something that comes today in conditioners, but the Egyptians also used it to untangle hair.
  • And not only that, they also used shaving mixtures, such as a solution with sugar and beeswax or pastes that included starch and arsenic among their components.

How to make an Egyptian hairstyle easy step by step today?

The Egyptians, as we have said before, used very long, well-groomed and therefore abundant hair which at the time was an unequivocal symbol of their femininity and also a requirement to perform the famous Egyptian braid

This is a hairstyle that has not lost its validity at all and also does very well for women of all ages and any type of face, for these reasons we will tell you how to do a step by step:

  1. First the hair must be clean and well untangled, if you have it curly it is convenient that you dry it and pass the hair iron first.
  2. You proceed to divide the hair by pushing the bangs forward.
  3. The other division will be done from the middle of the hair up, picking the hair from one end of the one hundred to the other. The part of the hair that remains from the middle of the head down must be collected with a tail, while the top half that was divided is loose.
  4. A line is made from one side of the head.
  5. If you made the line to the left side, you will start knitting on the opposite side, beginning by taking a thick strand of hair that you divide in two, passing one of them over the other.
  6. You take a second strand a little thinner, which you will leave in the middle of the strand of hair that was below and the one that was above.
  7. The hair strip below will pass below the center one, and then turn it over the hair band above, which is falling down forming the waterfall that is characteristic of this hairstyle.
  8. This same procedure should be repeated around the head.
  9. Upon reaching the opposite end, instead of twisting, a small braid must be knitted against the scalp. That last lock should hang like the others.
  10. What follows is Drop the bangs and you're ready to wear a fabulous Egyptian braid.

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