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Easy nail art ideas for those who are not very expert with nails

There are people who grow up with amazing manual painting skills nail ideas with ease … and others that can't even with a coat of enamel! If you identify with the latter, we also include ourselves and that is why we prefer to go to the manicurist, rather than make a mess of our own. But what to do when the classrooms are closed?

Don't worry, luckily we have found the easier nail designs and that they are not faulty, even for those we are not very expert. If you are patient and have the materials at hand, we assure you that you will not go through bad nails days Never!


Color points

Betina Goldstein taught Glamor how to make a nail art impeccable and minimalist that has no margin for error, even for those who They don't have much nail skills. You just have to take a pointer and place three circles of different sizes and colors on the transparent nail, distributed over a considerable space. When you're done, apply a coat of top coat kill and you're ready to succeed!

Smiling faces

For this nail idea We will continue using a pointer and the transparent base -as in the previous one-. only now the circles will be bigger and yellow. Once these are dry, grab an ultra-fine brush and black enamel, and paint the eyes and smiles of the happy faces. For the result to be beautiful you don't need to be an expert, but you do need to have a little patience.