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Dua Lipa's nails are the hottest of the season

Dua Lipa's nails are the hottest of the season

Dua Lipa He started the year imposing a trend with his manicure. First it was the pink metallic nails that he boasted on his Instagram account, then it was the nail art white and purple plaid that was placed as one of the best nail designs at the 2020 Grammy Awards and now it impacts us with a much more colorful and fiery style: the flame nails or fire nails.

Design play with transparencies and we love it because it draws the outline of the flames on the tips with an enamel and just cover the filling with your complementary color (or the one opposite the color wheel. For example, red with green). Because of this, the result looks harmonious and super cool, even if 10 tones are mixed! Take note when you want to combine enamels.

The creator of this design is Michelle Humphrey and she mentions the products and other designs to carry out the #flamenails in their social networks. Show options with the white and subtle tip, even black contrasts with fluorescent flames!

Eye, this is not the first time that Dua Lipa wears fire nails. At Christmas, the singer also took a risk with a hyper-colorful design that she drew flames on your thumbs, on white with black squares. The nail art He accompanied him with flowers, rainbows and happy faces. We love!

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