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Don't have color liners? Wear liquid lipsticks for the eyes!

Don't have color liners? Wear liquid lipsticks for the eyes!

The outlined graphics in the eyes They are still a strong trend this fall 2020, especially in vibrant tones and organic shapes. We know that they look super cool but, if what discourages you from trying them is not having all the color liners you want, we find the preferred solution: Wear liquid lipsticks! We were also surprised, until we saw the makeup artists putting this trick into practice in photo sessions for beauty publishers.

The result? A border the color you want, with a much more vibrant finish and long lasting. In order for you to give this expert secret a chance, we tell you the steps you have to follow and thus succeed in the attempt. Be careful, we recommend doing it only when you want to experiment or have an emergency to prevent the formula from drying your skin.


First of all, hydrate!

Because the liquid lipsticks they are not designed to be applied to the thin skin of eyes, it is necessary to hydrate very well -previously- with a good cream for the contour. We recommend applying it after the serum and with gentle circular massages to promote oxygenation of the area.

Choose a good formula

If among all your liquid lipsticks You have moisturizing formulas, give priority to those presentations even if they take time to dry. These can be sealed with shade and do not dehydrate the area, while indelible and quick-drying formats can make the skin look "wrinkled" and tight.