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Do you think about getting a hair graft? Discover what it is!

Do you think about getting a hair graft? Discover what it is!

Starting at age 25, according to global baldness statistics, one in four men begins to suffer from hair loss, at 50 years old, 50% of the male population is bald, and in old age the figure increases to 98%. In the case of women, it is estimated that 50% have suffered this problem at some time in their life.

These figures translate into a high number of the population, especially male, can feel complex, insecure and low self-esteem when they begin to suffer the first symptoms of baldness and see how it progresses to each passing day without finding a solution effective, because although there are some treatments on the market, the reality is that they are not usually effective in most cases, at least to the extent that these patients expect and desire.

a previous study must be carried out before hair loss

That is when they seriously consider resorting to hair graft To get your life back, feel safe and confident again.

Hair transplantation is a simple and painless surgical intervention, which represents the most advanced solution for hair recovery, applied equally to men and women, consists of the self-transplant, that is, collecting follicles from a part of the head (donor) and transplant it to the bald area (recipient) so that there is no possibility of rejection.

Before carrying it out it is necessary to carry out a study, which consists of a hair examination in addition to a thorough examination of the patient's medical history to study its viability. During the operation, the surgeon usually removes the small hair follicles from the posterior area of ​​the head, the donor part, to be implanted later in what we have called the receiving area, the one that has depopulated areas, always respecting the angle and direction of hair growth to obtain a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

At the Medical Graft clinic, they specialize in the latest generation hair graft treatments for those patients who want have a hair implant and improve its aesthetic appearance, increasing self-confidence.

This operation is very simple and only requires local anesthesia, so any healthy person, regardless of age, can perform it. The most important requirement is to have an area with abundant hair that acts as a donor, that is, that is of quality and with sufficient capillary density, to be able to extract the follicular units that are necessary to carry out the procedure.

The technique of hair grafting has evolved a lot in recent years and has a high-precision instrumental equipment with which all the problems that previously could not be successfully saved can be solved.

Before, people who underwent this type of treatment had a lot of alopecia, but currently there is no reason to wait until the problem has been aggravated excessively, affecting the person's own image of himself, since it is possible to grafted hair mix too in non-allopecic areas that have low hair density and thereby achieve a higher density to prevent the future baldness of the patient who will foreseeably end up losing his non-grafted hair.

What is the best age to get a hair implant?

Although as we have commented on any age, it is good to undergo a hair graft, some expert surgeons recommend the age range from 30 to 40 years for several reasons.

In the first place, because at that age one can already know how the alopecia of the patient to be treated will evolve, which allows a more successful procedure to be carried out. Secondly, because, between the ages of 30 and 40, the patient already has very limited areas of alopecia and this is good for the correct distribution of the follicles of the receiving areas.

However, and as we have already mentioned, there are experts who carry out interventions in areas that are not fully depopulated but have less capillary density to counteract future losses.

Our recommendation, since clinically there is no inconvenience to perform this intervention, is that any person, regardless of sex or age, who is psychologically affected by alopecia, regardless of whether it is incipient or is in an advanced state, It should take advantage of the great advances in aesthetic medicine that have occurred in recent times.

In addition, clinics as it appears in this article and which you can access after the referenced link, not only offer very competitive prices, lower than you can expect, but also they give financing options so that the economic issue is not the problem to overcome possible complexes derived from alopecia, so common in which we form a society based on image and good physical appearance.