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Do you know what white dots are?

Do you know what white dots are?

How do they differ from blackheads?

It is much easier and simpler than it seems. The black dots "is characterized by completely clog the pore and we distinguish them by having the black tip, ”they explain from MiiN. "Once you delete it, it disappears and when we extract it we see how the texture is compact. They usually appear in skins with acne tendency. ”

On the other hand, "the sebaceous filament or white dots are always visible, they have the white tip and when removing them, it usually comes out in the form of white thread, since it is accumulated sebum that can appear on any type of skin. ” The key is that unlike the black dot, the sebaceous filament does not disappearIt is always present because the skin generates sebum naturally but they are not a risk in any way. “We can clean it but it will always come back, the important thing to make them less visible is to keep the skin clean.

Ok, now how do we remove them?

The key to eliminating white dots is keep skin clean. From MiiN they recommend us to follow the double cleaning system and occasionally use some bubble mask It cleanses the skin and purifies it. But there are also some chemical type scrubs that help eliminate them, like the AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid from Cosrx. It is formulated based on alpha hydroxy acids (known as AHA) "that help eliminate whiteheads as well as prevent them from appearing again, always keeping the pore clean and with excess regulated fat," they explain from MiiN. “It also contains apple juice, a powerful acid that remove dead cells and match the tone of the skin, and glycolic acid, which smoothes the texture of the skin and leaves it smooth and uniform. ”