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Discover which bangs best suits you, and join in fashion!

The bangs has been, is and always will be the best complement for the hair. Most women have dared with him sometime. And those that don't … surely, at least, it has crossed your mind!

Some bangs became true icons of their carriers: Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Mia Farrow, Debbie Harry… And, also today, it is the hallmark of many famous faces, as in the case of the model Alexa Chung, the actress Felicity Jones, the editor of Vogue, Anna Wintour, or even Aitana, of Operation Triunfo.

Another tangible sign of its magnetism is that, season after season, it manages to reinvent itself and sneak directly into the most desired trends. However, every bangs is a world! Why and So that a bangs that you love do not become a bad stylistic decision, you must know all their tricks.

Audrey Hepburn, bangsAudrey Hepburn © Instagram

What types of bangs are there?

Barber Gonzalo Zarauza, director of Beta Center in San Sebastián and an expert in image consulting, distinguishes four types of bangs.

Microflequillo: "Lightly cover the forehead from the hairline. It's great in very short pixie styles, but be careful! Leave your forehead fully exposed and emphasize the shape of your face. ”

Baby bangs: “Very short and straight, remember those of children. It was popularized by Audrey Hepburn. It marks the image a lot and widens the face. It is indicated only for risky women, who want to give their style an avant-garde touch. ”

Curtain: “It opens from the center to the sides. The resulting effect reminds the curtains, hence its name. It is very comfortable to wear and very flattering. This year is rabid today, but it can be considered as one of the timeless bangs. ”

Sloped and asymmetric: “The difference between one and the other is that the side is cut symmetrically and combed to the side. Instead, the asymmetric is cut with different lengths. The two lengthen the face and give a jovial appearance. ”

Aitana, bangsAitana / © Instagram

Which one do I keep?

"The bangs are one of the elements of the hairstyle that most influences the appearance of the face, since it grows in the contour of the forehead and can hide it totally or partially ”explains Gonzalo.

When opting for a bangs or another, the stylist warns us that, In addition to the shape of the face, we must take into account other factors –So much or more determinants–, such as the size of the nose, forehead or eyes. "There are no fixed rules, but infallible keys. If the face is rounded or has curved lines in its elements, such as globular eyes or prominent lips, you have to choose bangs with straight or broken lines. On the contrary, very angular faces or with very linear strokes are corrected with curved and asymmetric bangs ”. For its part, "bangs with volume and slightly paraded help to hide a prominent nose, but you have to be careful because, if they are too long, they will produce the opposite effect."

Gonzalo also tells us that “In cases where the hair growth line on the forehead has many swirls, it is not convenient to make a bangs with a very controlled finish. For example, un short straight bangs will only be nice a few minutes after going to the hairdresser since, in a short time, the strength of the whirlpool will uncontrol the form. ”

Taylor Swift, bangsTaylor Swift / © Instagram

More reasons to say yes to bangs

As Gonzalo explains, there are many reasons to dare with the bangs:

  1. Correct face shape and conceals or emphasizes some of its elements.
  2. Renew the image and update the hairstyle, without resorting to very drastic cuts.
  3. Rejuvenate and brings freshness to personal style. "Such is its impact that, if it has poorly defined movement and lines, the bangs can hide wrinkles and even divert attention if there is any spot or scar on the face."
  4. Emphasize the look. “The bangs have the power to highlight the eyes and attract all eyes to them. Those who completely cover the eyebrows sink their eyes, while those who trim over the eyebrows or slightly above look up. ”

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