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Diode laser hair removal

Diode laser hair removal

Saying goodbye to body hair is possible with diode laser hair removal. Do you want to know how it works? We explain everything to you!

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal consists of transforming the melanin into heat using a light energy (laser light) with a certain wavelength and intensity. In this way we act on the one in charge of giving color to our hair and the hair bulb is denatured.

What do we get with laser hair removal?

On the one hand, this type of hair removal permanently removes hair from our body. This over time makes our skin improve considerably since we do not damage it with traditional means of hair removal.

Eliminate even cystic hair!

How does the diode laser work?

A light beam acts on the hair follicle pigment and destroys the cells responsible for hair growth.

In order to permanently remove hair, the diode laser needs to be applied in different sessions. This is because not all hair is in the same phase of its life cycle.

It is advisable to act on the hair when it is in the early phase of the growth cycle, that is, in the anagen phase.

How many sessions are necessary?

It is difficult to determine an exact number of sessions since it depends on the area to be treated and how the person's hair is. Normally they are usually between 5 and 6 sessions and are done with a frequency of two months.

Ideally, start treatment after summer to apply enough sessions before the next summer. Although if it starts a little later there is no problem since at this time of the year it can also be used.

Does laser diode hair removal hurt?

For the realization of the diode laser sessions it is not necessary to apply any anesthetic cream. Brief hot and cold sensations are perceived.

In what areas can it be done?

The diode laser can be performed in these areas of the face and body of men and women:

-Facial: face, eyebrows, upper lip, chin, sideburns, beard and neck.

– Body: lower or upper arm, back, areolas, armpits, full arms, buttocks, English, lumbar, alba line, legs, perianal area, abdomen, shoulders and chest.