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Dark ash blond – 8 ideas with images to look super good 【2019】 Hairdressing Blog

Dark ash blond - 8 ideas with images to look super good 【2019】 Hairdressing Blog

The color dark ash blonde It is ideal for
the women who seek a balance of tonality in their hair. exist
various ways to wear an elegant, sober and flashy style with that
coloration in the dye. The abundance of ideas can be overwhelming for
many people. Therefore, it is helpful to know the best styles that
They involve the dark ash.

Meet the best blonde hairstyles
dark ash that are fashionable

The different haircuts and hairstyles models that
They exist are extremely varied. For that reason, there are many people who
Show undecided when selecting a hairstyle. The hair color choice is also very important for a
Good number of individuals.

Because of that, it is understandable that those who are
looking for the ideal way to wear a tone dark ash blonde. The most ideas
Popular to show this hue are bold and beautiful. The incorporation
of details in the haircuts and the coloring of the same has great relevance
in the final results.


The short looks from
hair have become a risky trend
preferred by many
women. The fresh and renewed air that achieves this cut is mixed with the
perfection with the dark shades of ash blonde. Of course, it is
important to take into account the shape of the face and the tonality of the

That way, women they can get the change they want, showing self-confidence and

Dark Ash Blonde 1


Curls are a special way to show off techniques
Special for dark ash coloring. The special texture of the hair achieves a greater attraction of looks with the
application of that special hue.
For that reason, it is understandable that a
Many women with short hair choose this style.

Dark Ash Blonde 2


The bob cut and the long bob are assertive options for
Women who do not want to wear extremely short hair. Frequently, the length of the hair does not exceed the
shoulder height
But it is below the ears. The realization
The hairstyle can include other dark tones besides the ash blonde.

That way, women with dark skin tones
They will be able to adapt the ash color. The
possibility of dye and hair length adaptation
adds popularity
to this idea Without a doubt, women value being able to wear a renewed style and

Dark Ash Blonde 3

Half mane

Half mane is a way to shorten hair without drinking
Exaggerated decisions or making drastic changes. A lot of people
With long hair they have decided to make a modification. When cutting the
hair and use the dark ash blonde To change their color, women take
An excellent decision.

Dark Ash Blonde 4


Wearing layers in the hairstyle with a dark ash blonde manages to add movement and volume to the
The sensual and feminine essence that this model gets with layers
long benefits the faces with shape
round or square On the contrary, heart-shaped faces or
triangular benefit by wearing short layers.

Dark Ash Blonde 5


The proper use of a bangs can contribute to the framing of a beautiful face. The shape
bangs, either straight or lateral, is an appropriate way to highlight the
facial features Dark shades of ash blonde are effective when combined
with brown tones.

Dark Ash Blonde 5 1


The great waves
thickness are perfect to show off a dark hue
of the blond ash. The
Hair length directly affects color appreciation. Likewise
shape, the technique used for the application of color affects the brightness of
the hair

Dark Ash Blonde 7

Long straight

The straight hair
stand out in a bolder and positive way
with the incorporation of the blond
Dark. By applying subtle color illuminations, brunettes will get a
change in her boring unicolor hair, getting a beautiful style.

Dark Ash Blonde 8

Reasons to do your hairstyle
dark ash blonde?

The reasons to incorporate dark shades of blond
Ash are listed as follows:

  1. The color adapts to various skin tones.
  2. There are multiple ways to wear the
    dark blonde hues.
  3. The change in appearance that a person achieves by
    Using this color can be subtle or really drastic.