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Dare with the Star Wars hairstyles, and may the force be with you!

Today the new episode of the famous saga opens in our cinemas Star Wars and we wanted to join the fan phenomenon with this entry. Of course, from the point of view Beauty! And we love Star Wars hairstyles and their evolution over the years.

If you are one of those who have never seen one of these films and it scares you just to think about it, let me strongly recommend them to you (the last one I don't know how it will be because, evidently, while I write this, they haven't released it yet). I was also one of those who thought they weren't going to be for me and after seeing The awakening of the force (the one before this one) I surprised myself devouring the rest of the pull … And there were seven more!

Suggestions aside, no one can deny that their protagonists have managed to gain a foothold in the collective history, as have the hairstyles of their female characters. These are the ones we like the most!




The Princess Leia It is one of the most iconic figures in the saga. Interpreted by the charismatic Carrie fisher, who left us just a year ago, was the protagonist of the first three installments of the saga, released in 1977. Who does not know his ‘cinnamon buns' (cinnamon rolls)? The two side ribbons have been imitated and reinterpreted by numerous celebrities, such as Sofia Vergara Y Diane Kruger

Another of the hairstyles that undoubtedly should be highlighted by Princess Leia is lto braided crown, which is also super trendy this season. This was the look chosen by the actress Sarah Jessica Parker to pay tribute to Carrie Fisher after her death, in the last edition of the Golden Globes. We teach you to recreate it in The crown of braids, a celebrity hairstyle to make you at home.




Although the movies are later, Padmé Amidala She is Leia's mother. First queen and then senator, her character is played by Natalie Portman. We have been able to see it with a multitude of hairstyles, in tune with the evolution of the character: from simple semi-recollections that focus on your beautiful curly mane to ostentatious hairpieces difficult to digest. Curls are all the rage this season so dare to empower them. We help you in 10 tips to get more beautiful and sexy curls. The hairpiece is a matter of taste!

Padmé also highlights hairstyles made with braids and twists. Of course, she was one of the first to show that a hairstyle with a good accessory can earn a lot and if you do not notice this collected with volume and finished in a spiral. The headband fits perfectly!


Star Wars, Star Wars, Rey hairstylesKing

The new heroine of Star wars is interpreted by Daisy ridley. We know that in The Last Jedi we are going to see it with a half-sleek and semi-collected mane (because the fashions reach all the galaxies!), but the hairstyle that has enamored us is the collected from three bows That looked on the first installment.

Not only is it original, but it is very easy to achieve. Then I leave you a video-tutorial So you can do it at home. As it is in English, I also explain the basic steps to make it look great:

  • Take a small section of hair from the front and hold it with an elastic band so that the face is clear.
  • Divide the hair into three horizontal sections.
  • With each of them you will have to make a bun and leave some hair underneath, which you will have to wrap around the bun itself and fasten with clips or hairpins.
  • Leave a loose strand ahead, as Rey does, for a casual and casual finish.