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Cover gray hair at home with these easy-to-apply products

Cover gray hair at home with these easy-to-apply products

If because of the confinement you already tried all kinds of remedies for cover gray hair at home, but none has worked and you don't want to use the dye to avoid damaging your hair either, you've come to the right place! After a long search, we have found the sprays, conditioners, crayons and even masks that hide gray hair, some with results for a single day and others with long duration.

Read to the end and find the one that works best for you – or combine several products!


Root Retouching by Schwarzkopf

It is a spray with instant coverage that you only have to shake, apply to 10 cm of the grayed hair and spray until everything is painted. It does not stain the skin, it reaches 40 touch-ups and its effect is temporary. Find it at the supermarket.

Bumble and Bumble Crayon for Retouching Gray Hair

It is one of the coolest products, since it is applied as a lipstick to cover gray hair (and it fades by 2 by 3), but it provides a velvety effect, thanks to its technology of mineral pigments, fibers and microspheres. The best part? The finish resists until the next wash.

Klorane Centaurea Shampoo

Fade white hair every time we wash our hair, it is possible with this shampoo! Its magic is found in the vegetal pigment with bluish reflections, called cyanocentaurein, which neutralizes the yellowish color of gray hair, injects shine and manages to camouflage the grayish parts.

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