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Could it be reversible gray hair? We may not be that far …

Although gray hair is becoming more and more normalized, there is still a majority of men and women who prefer to hide it. But, Could they be reversible gray hair? Without a doubt, we would save time, money and more than a headache. While the laboratories continue to investigate, we propose that you get to know this matter a little more in depth. You fancy?

As he points out Adolfo Remartínez, creator of the firm Nuggela & Sulé, "The appearance of gray hair is aesthetically related to old age and, in cosmetics, the fight against aging is the workhorse of any laboratory. The appearance of wrinkles is the most visible fact on the face and gray hair is the equivalent in our hair universe. From the laboratory research team we are continuously working with new assets, formulas and advances that can solve this capillary imbalance" Remartínez adds that, for the moment, "help delay the appearance of gray hair, and this is already a breakthrough, but the power to reverse them is more complicated. Even so we continue investigating.

Why do gray hairs appear?

Teresa Climent, pharmacist and communication manager of Nuggela & Sulé, point out that “Gray hair appears due to multiple factors. Genetics is the main one, but stress peaks, the decline of the immune system or a poor diet also influence and cause the appearance of white hair ".In relation to the origin of this capillary oxidation, Adolfo Remartínez distinguish two scenarios: "On the one hand, the solid cane -and possibly reversible-, in which catalase influences, and the hollow cane, which we believe to be irreversible today, and in which the decrease in melanocytes plays an important role."

The solid gray

"Solid gray hair is produced by the inhibition of the catalase enzyme. Cells need to breathe and eat, and by feeding they generate waste in the form of hydrogen peroxide, H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide, in short). These wastes are collected by catalase, as if it were a recycling truck, which breaks down hydrogen peroxide and returns it to the body for its use in the form of water (H2O) and Oxygen (O) ”, Explain Adolfo Remartínez. For his part, Teresa Climent adds that "If that recycling truck called catalase doesn't work, the hydrogen peroxide stays in the hair cells and discolors the hair pigmentation from birth causing a gray hair to appear."

But why is it called solid gray? "The hair is made up of cells called keratinocytes and they are shaped like a hollow spring. By uniting with each other and solidifying they form the hair keratin that we know and touch. In the middle of this kind of "springs", another cell is introduced called melanocyte, which is what gives the hair its color. In this case, hydrogen peroxide corrupts the color, oxidizing it and turning it white. But the hair is still solid – both keratinocyte and melanocyte are present – and that's why we call it solid hair ”, Explain Adolfo Remartínez, who assures that "possibly we can reverse this gray hair, making the catalase enzyme work again ”.

Hollow reed

In this case, and as explained Adolfo Remartínez, "The gray hair is due to the disappearance of meloncytes, which are the balloon-shaped cells that enter the center of the keratinocyte, pigmenting it and coloring the hair. If they disappear, the hair acquires the natural white color of the keratinocyte when it solidifies. And in this case the hair is hollow, so we are talking about the hollow reed. »

Teresa Climent note that "Melanocytes come from neural crests, making these cells more sensitive to stress peaks and therefore gray hair appears at those times of greatest mental pressure. In this case, since these cells cannot regenerate, the reed is already perpetual. ”

It is difficult to differentiate between a solid and a hollow cane, but, as stated Adolfo Remartínez, “There is a factor that hairdressers notice a lot. Normally, when we cut our hair, it tends to fall downwards and, in the case of solid hair, it also does. However, in the case of hollow cane, when cut it jumps as if it were dry. ”

How can the appearance of gray hair be delayed?

As science advances in search of a formula to reverse gray hair, There are already products on the market that help delay its appearance or reactivate slightly gray hair.

Polynesia, Nuggela & Sulé shampoo, reversible gray hairNuggela & Sulé

For example, shampoos from Nuggela & Sulé They contain marine glycogen that enhances cellular activity and reactivates the action of catalase. We propose you Polynesian shampoo, with a formula based on keratin, collagen, vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid, onion extract and marine glycogen. In addition, it stimulates hair growth and improves its quality. Your price: € 24.90

Elixir Anti-Gray, La Biosthétique, reversible gray hairThe Biosthétique

For his part, The Biosthétique has Elixir Anti-Gray, a lotion containing a biomimetic peptide that activates melanocytes in the hair root. Its triple action activates hair pigmentation, protects from depigmentation and actively revitalizes hair, without artificial pigment additives. Your recommended price: € 66

Anti-hair lotion, Redenhair, reversible gray hairRedenhair

Too Redenhair has a Anti-Hair Lotion, whose main active ingredient is Greyverse ™, a wide selection of peptides that act simultaneously and efficiently to stimulate melanogesis and, therefore, hair repigmentation, and to reduce oxidative stress, by increasing catalase activity. Your price: € 49

In any case, for treatments to be effective you have to be constant Since, let's be honest, the results are not visible as quickly as we would all like. Therefore, to do it well, this gesture should become one more step in our care routine. In addition, it is advisable to complement with a good diet based on vegetables and cereals. Food supplements based on active ingredients such as Zinc and B vitamins are also very useful.

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