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Communion hairstyles: the best ideas to try

peinados comunión

communion hairstylesYour little one is going to perform this act and you are looking for ideas of communion hairstyles. If so, you have reached the right place and here I have compiled some options of easy hairstyles step by step that are beautiful and not too complex so you can surely do them yourself at home.

Keep in mind that these Communion hairstyles They are for girls who have long or medium length hair. In addition, when selecting these hairstyles I have not only had the way to handle the hair, but also some very beautiful accessories that you can add to them.

Know these ideas of hairstyles and do the tests a few days in advance of the event, so that you have time to see different alternatives, choose the one you like and improve it.

Communion hairstyles step by step

Semi-picked with braids for communion

A semi-picked with braids: this hairstyle is very simple to perform and you can opt for it whether your girl's hair is straight or wavy. To start you must make a lateral line and you have to make a French braid, starting from the front area, but not including the bangs, if the girl has it.

  • Bring the braid back, taking some strands of hair while doing it. Before finishing this braid you have to release it a little, so that it is not so tight. Keep in mind that this braid will end slightly beyond the middle of your head and you should hold it in the meantime with a league.
  • Then, you must go to the other side and start making a braid that goes in the other direction. Take it beyond the middle of your head and secure it with a garter the same color as your daughter's hair.
  • In this step you will have to put a braid next to the other, holding them very well to the hair with the help of some hairpins. Intertwine the tail of your partner at the end of each braid, thus hiding the termination. In this way you will have a beautiful and simple crown made with braids.
  • To complement these Communion hairstyles You can make some waves or loops with the hair below and you can also put a delicate floral touch on the crown.

hairstyle with braids and flowers for communion

Other hairstyles that I should suggest and that you should try are:

Wear your braid in Hairstyle for communion

A beautiful herringbone braid. Keep in mind that to do this hairstyle you must divide the hair into two parts.

Start braiding by taking beds from the outermost areas and take them to the center.

In this way and with not very thick strands you will be making the tang braid, which ends up collecting all the hair. You will have to finish this hairstyle with a league of the same color as your girl's hair or with a decorative league.

To improve this look do not forget to get a white flower headband.

  1. A high bun is also one of the best Communion hairstyles that you could choose, since it is elegant and at the same time simple. The low braided bun also I recommend it. It is very easy to do and you can improve it with an accessory placed on it or with a headband.
  2. If you do not want something very complex, you can leave your hair loose and focus on making well-marked waves. The waves are always beautiful and you can highlight the arrangement of the hair with a beautiful floral crown in tones that are consistent with the dress.
  3. If your girl has straight hair and you want to leave her natural you can also decorate her hair with a braided headband, made with her own hair, or you can simply buy a nice accessory.

subtle picked up with jumpsuit for nina in her communion

How could you see Communion hairstyles There are many to perform. Some are more original, others more classic, others simpler and some more complex. The important thing is that with all of them you will make your girl look very beautiful on this special date.

Video with more hair for communions

Images of first communion hairstyles

4 photos of a hairstyle for communiondecorative flower band for a modern communion hairstylecommunion hairvery cool communion hairstylefabulous and pretty flower in nina's hair that will make her communioneasy communion haireasy communion hairstyletie made with hair for girls in their communionlittle girl dressed and combed for communionsNina posing for photo of her communion albumNina dressed in communion with her lovely haircommunion hairstyle with veilheart-shaped communion hairstyleeasy communion hairstylesfirst communion hairstyleslovely loose hairstyle for communionbeautiful and simple hair for communionside braid with communion bow

If you liked the ideas that I have presented, do not forget to try them with your little one.

Remember that you should do several tests before choosing and after choosing, if you need to perfect the hairstyle, you should do it a couple of times before the day of the event so that this day is perfect for you.

Be sure to comment on these hairstyles and do not hesitate to share them.