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Colored Wicks 2019 – How to Make Temporary and Homemade (Photos)

Colored Wicks 2019 - How to Make Temporary and Homemade (Photos)

If you want to change the look of your hair to convey joy, set trends and attract a lot of attention then colored wicks They may be the solution to what you are looking for.

On the one hand it is within the fashion trends which are used today but in turn can greatly improve your hairstyle if you like to leave the patterns and standards of classic hairstyles.

To achieve this you need to first know very well what you want by looking at many photos and taking the advice of a professional colorist, since that will guide you if according to the skin pigmentation and the type of natural hair color you have you can reach the range you want to put on your hair.

Then if you dare and practice you can do them at home in your home and keep them for a long time depending on whether you are going to use fixed dye or if you want to use it for fantasy wicks for a special moment and then you will go with the water wash

That is why you first have to define some points before making this change so radical, and also keep in mind that no matter how old you are, it can be used for adult ladies, which usually these colored wicks will provide in the visual image youth as well as for teenagers or girls who want to play with their hair.

This is one of the reasons that is based a lot on the anime drawings where the fantasy and the out of the ordinary that you can see in the street usually becomes present in some mane in real life, taking on greater prominence every day.

It does not matter much if you have a short or long haircut since you can adapt the wicks as well as for the medium hair.

The difference is that by having less hair in the short, the ends are accentuated with greater tonality, however, in the long and medium hair, what is done is to degrade as if they were Californian but fantasy wicks or balayage or babylights.

temporary colored wicks

Fuchsia wicks in wavy hair from the middle and root in dark natural color

What are colored wicks?

Colored wicks are a fashion trend that arises mainly from the social networks of the Internet, especially from the social network Instagram that shows photos of many models, actresses and celebrities that set trends.

Especially the fashionistas who like to attract attention, so it became much more popular to use rainbow hair with unusual tones that you can see daily and that its use was globalized becoming one of the most requested trends in Beauty salons to their colorists.

The best thing about this trend is that this style goes quickly with the washes since very few women or men who dare to use dye to leave them fixed for more than one or two days.

It can be applied in tips, middle part of the tuft or in the root depending on the combination you want to achieve, but it is recommended to leave the root with your natural tone.

The finish is usually matte and dusty tones without having an artificial shine although many dyes achieve it depends a lot on the type of component used but usually the worn touch is the original idea.

As you will see you can combine in different types of combinations of colorful strands.

colored wicks combinations

  • Electric Rainbow
  • Classic Rainbow
  • Vampiric Red
  • Green as if it were an outbreak
  • Mermaid blue
  • Unicorn
  • Watermelon Candy
  • Electric watermelon

Among other combinations that can serve as a guide to combine and leave the classic.

It can be implemented with chalk or crayon but also with dyes if you dare to have them more time.

Colored Wicks for Brunettes

If you are one of the dark-skinned women who wants to look different, daring and provoke a cheerful, youthful effect and with a lot of movement in your hair, this is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make the change by choosing the fantastic and impressive tones to Your new image

You will look chic but also avant-garde mixing the right tones in your selected dyes.

The only care you should take into account is that generally, due to the type of pigmentation, the dye in dark or black hair may turn a coppery color and not achieve the expected range in the first application of dye.

You always have to look for the tone that really favors you, leaving aside the color trends that a colorist might recommend, a true professional should recommend what is best for skin color.

For this same reason always choose a tone that is the same range as your original color so that the desired effect is much more effective.

An example that is being used a lot are the purple, blue and red shades where its combination has the advantage that can be adapted very well highlighting the features of those who paint it on their hair.

Therefore, to guarantee success, you have to look for what is best aesthetically, but also understand that the look is not only to change, but also to wear what you wear with all the possible attitude.

The red and blue dye is ideal if what you have in base hair color is black or dark brown.

blue green colored wicks

Green Water on tips combined with a touch of turquoise blue

red colored wicks

Cascade braid hairstyle with red wicks, gradient pastel roses

rainbow colored wicks pink neon fluo

neon pink fluo in black hair

colored wicks blonde pink

hairstyle ponytail with pastel pink

Colored wicks for blondes

If you are a bold woman then this can be a combination in which your blond hair can wear green wicks with which you will get a modern and avant-garde touch.

Already in case the blonde hair is more striking than dark hair so the strands should always be dyes that contrast but are elegant and striking.

Also violet wicks such as pink wicks are a perfect combination to use fantasy but also feminine ranges where the preset model is broken and the original is sought.

It's like when you go from black and white television to color TV this same thing happens you have to break certain parameters preset by society in fashion and dare to change no matter what they say.

If you have blond hair and use braids of different types of styles you can leave the part of the root up to half of the mane of the blond natural color and then degrade with the pink dye all the braid you are wearing.

With brown skin you should always opt for shades of golden dyes but also that have that color butter with this you will achieve natural light but also highlight features of your face, if you like to stand out more then all copper tones can be a help in the change.

blue colored wicks white tips

Lemon green colored wicks

pink wicks

Colored wicks in short hair

In short hair, fuchsia is always a shade that looks great giving it a greater personality and emphasizing a daring and determined woman to do what she wants when she wants it.

The type of strands you have is important to define if they are thick or thin since having short hair and applying wicks or strands will influence the final work.

If you have very fine hair, I recommend applying few wicks and fine no matter what color you apply.

However, if your hair is thick then you can make thicker strands but taking into account that having less hair than long hair then you should not add too many but will lose the original effect of the wick.

You have to be daring and take intensive care so that your paintings do not lose that natural light that they have at the beginning that you do them for that reason you can always bet on the gray, blue, violet or green tones that are very beautiful but with the care that also They are the fastest losing the illumination of their hue.

That is why you need to be retouching more frequently than the classic dye tones.

As you will realize when having to apply the dyeing of color in shorter periods you have to be more careful with your hair which you have to add a cream bath or some hair treatment that takes care of your hair and the root.

colored wicks for girls

colored wicks pink short hair

Colored wicks on long hair

In long hair you have the advantage of being able to make both thick and thinner and thin strands where the advantage of having longer hair length allows you to experience and make a greater process of shades.

Undoubtedly one of my favorite tones of fantasy is blue because it is atypical but especially because it gives brightness on the face while providing discreet color but unusual that you can see daily on the street.

The great advantage is that it fades very easily and that is an advantage when it comes to hair care.

Something important is to use top quality dye marks because, as the days go by, the bluish, fuchsia or pink color will turn into a greenish color, deteriorating your hair bulb like your hair and will give an opaque and also brittle effect.

Another of the sources that set the trend are social networks but do not believe it and Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook are some of them that marked the trend of fashion imposing fantasy coloring especially in long hairs of the girls.

But one that stands out a lot today is the gray ranges and shades as many celebrities use it and began to prevail within youth, teenagers and older adults.

I assure you that if you use this type of gray wicks you will receive several likes on your profile How to be an original and avant-garde influencer.

light blue blue wicks

Colored wicks in curly hair

Curly hair has its special care especially if you want to keep those curlers that you have natural or that you do with a loop but whose main effect has to be the volume of your entire hair regardless of whether you have short or long hair extension .

To apply the wicks you have to do it the same way you do it with straight hair but considering that the wick must be linear following the natural curl you have.

You can apply deep red dyes by changing the shades depending on whether it is applied on the front, on the sides of the neck, chestnut lights, golden tones and honey color, the coppery hue if you are of dark complexion.

And for the most daring you can start with the rainbow combination maintaining a dark base which will give you natural lighting to your face.

Rainbow colors in dye fantasy that you can apply are red, yellow, green, blue, indigo violet.

colored wicks rainbow tips

Colored wicks in dark hair

For dark hair violet wicks are ideal especially if you use loops or have wavy hair I assure you that it gives a feeling of fire and constant lighting that helps you enhance the color of your eyes.

Also the gold, gold tones where there may be few wicks so that the color that predominates is that of root and only that they serve to radiate the contour of the face.

Be very careful with the coppery tones although they are very well, poorly implemented it may seem that it is poorly dyed or that the dye does not take well the range you are looking for.

The caramel or honey coloring can be effective when you want to give it a classic color without impacting much on your radical change.

pastel blue wicks colored wicks fantasy

Colored Wicks in Black Hair

Both shades such as purple, pink, blue and red can be a good combination for your black hair since they are easy to adapt in a black hair but that need more maintenance since over time the coloration is disappearing and the root is increasingly noticeable .

tips colored wicks

Colored Wicks in Gray Hair

colored wicks rainbow fantasy braid

Colored wicks fantasy

fuchsia pink blue colored wicks

Blue colored wicks

I recommend you use methylene blue because to retouch it is more natural and you will have the advantage of highlighting most of the luminosity your hair that can lose over time which you always have to evaluate those factors.

colored wicks blonde blue

Colored wicks rainbow (wicks of different colors)

rainbow colored wicks

Colored wicks for girls

pink colored wicks

Colored wicks for teenagers

fuchsia pink colored wicks

Colored wicks for men

colored wicks for men

colored wicks men

Homemade colored wicks

dark blue colored wicks

Colored wicks in the hair

homemade colored wicks

Wicks of two colors

purple colored wicks

Three color wicks

colored wicks black hair

Colored Wicks Without Dye

colored wicks fantasy rainbow

How to make colored wicks that are removed with water?

In this step-by-step tutorial I will explain in a simple way how I learned to make colorful wicks without using dye so you can do it to a girl if you want to as well as use yourself for a party where you want to be a little more Eccentric and have fun with much joy.

You can buy pastel crayons in any bookstore or use if you have children the leftovers that they throw away and do not take advantage of which you will realize that this is a homemade, easy and simple way to achieve a modern style.

Keep in mind that it will last only for that night and comes out very easily with the warm water wash.

Another advantage of painting your hair colorful with this method is that you do not need to discolor the hair so you have a great advantage since you do not damage it as it happens with dye.

  • Pastel Crayon Paintings
  • Hair fixative spray
  • Water

These three elements are what you need as you will realize it is a very economical way also to see you original and fun for a party.

It can be applied in shades of dark as light hair so it will always be in the tone of the crayon.

Steps to paint colored hair without dye

  1. Previously it is advisable to have the hairstyle already done if you do it with braids, impellers or bows.
  2. Dip the crayon in the water until the tip is wet
  3. Then start painting the wick that you want to dye the desired color.
  4. In an interlaced it is always best to follow the direction of the wick so that the painted strand meets the expected effect.
  5. To fix the hairstyle and the color, it is best to spray with a little fixing spray to keep the perfect color in place.

With this, you also prevent young girls from touching their head from staining their hands.

Always help with a wet cloth to wipe your hands of the dust that can reach each crayon you use.

Temporary colored wicks (colored wicks for a day)

As I taught you before, it is very easy to make temporary wicks so now I will give you some examples so you can see how beautiful they can be.

The main thing you have to keep in mind is that the hairstyle is essential to highlight the shades that you apply.

But also the type of haircut you wear for that reason always keep in mind some important fashion and coloring tips.

If you have blond or light hair, it is always best to try clear or fluid fantasy coloration that will look great highlighting your skin color and features.

On the other hand, if you have dark, black hair or brown skin, the range of shades such as red, blue or fuchsia can give you that strength to the image and movement you want.

As everything is a matter of trying and you have the advantage that if you do not like it you can wash your head with warm water and it will come out quickly without hurting your hair.

When to use temporary wicks?

When you want but it is certainly better for parties and events where fun is the main ingredient such as costume parties, Halloween or just playing on a birthday where girls want to look like a fairytale princess.

How to dye hair wicks with colored chalk

Innovation in beauty and fashion are always present, so we try to find new methods that impact and look beautiful when it comes to wearing them.

In this quick and easy tutorial I will explain how you can paint your hair in different wicks with colored chalk.

Mainly you can wear this trend in the summer where girls always dare to wear something new colorful, cheerful but above all fun.

That youth aspect you are looking for will be the most envied among your friends and show how daring you are to go out of the ordinary that they can see on the street.

Step by step how to dye your hair with chalk

  1. To start giving color to your hair you have to have the colorful pastel chalks that you want to wear, which you can take as an example the photos you see in this article where I leave images to inspire you, another element is latex gloves so you don't get dirty The hands and a small flat iron.
  2. Violet chalk looks good for dark hair instead for light hair like blond you can use purple, blue or pink that is so fashionable today.
  3. To apply what you have to do is moisten the wick where you are going to apply them but do not wet it in its entirety.
  4. First you have to start with the light tones by applying from the tips slowly with the layer of the hair down which is going to be fixed by a gradient process and at the top of the root you can accentuate the coloration.
  5. This step is important what you have to do is twist each strand by taking one or two fingers and rub the chalk on that part of the hair.
  6. Combine all the tonaldiades you had in mind and remember that the clearest are at the tips.

This process can be repeated to accentuate the color more strongly if you wish.

Beauty Trick: so that your color lasts what you have to do to seal your hair with the hair straightener so that the tone is fixed and lasts much longer, with just washing with water the color will go.

Another detail is that you do not comb with a comb but with the hands so that the tones do not go away since otherwise everything will remain in the brush that you use and try that a rain does not fall on your mane if you do not stain all your party clothes .

In this video you can see the process well, if you do not understand English do not worry that what matters is to see how it is done visually.

How to remove colored wicks?

If you came here with the reading then you will understand that there are two types of tufts painted on the one hand the storms and on the other those that you do with dyes and last what you want depending on the time you want it in your mane.

But generally those that are fixed with dye last until you have a new style with your colorist or you buy a dye kit changing your color or bleaching with hydrogen peroxide that is the best thing to take your tonality perfectly if you have the dark hair or very pronounced tones.

Instead you have the option of removing the wicks of graffiti that are removed with water quickly and easily.

Colored Wicks That go with the washes

With a single wash you should be able to remove it and it can last between one or two days in your head or in your daughter's.

  1. The first thing you have to do is prepare the tap water that is warm and then wet the mane with this you will loosen the paint in your hair quite no matter what color it is.
  2. Then you apply the shampoo you use and try to make enough foam to take effect leaving it on for five minutes
  3. Repeat the same process and then apply rinse cream so that your hair is not tangled or dry
  4. Rinse and dry with a towel.

It is always advisable to apply after the bath some detangling hair cream or hair protection which will leave it more silky, with greater volume when it dries and does not break.

How to make Colored Wicks with Temporary Tincture

For this tutorial you need the following elements.

  • Heat protection for hair (protective mask)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Scissors
  • Temporary dye of the color you want to apply (spray)
  1. You have to cut a piece of aluminum foil to cover your entire hair (try to have the length of your hair) and not stain when you spray the spray on your hair wick
  2. You fold it at one end about 8 centimeters and then cut as if it were a circle.
  3. Now you apply the heat shield and let it dry and then wick the hole in the foil you made.

Wicks of color without bleaching

green colored wicks

Colored Wicks Images

rainbow colored wicks pastel pink rainbow colored wicks rainbow hair

Colored wicks my joy (toy for girls)

Surely you are wondering what is this? but if you have a girl you might have heard this super fun toy where little girls can make their colorful strands.

Bring a non-toxic paint so that you can put on a kind of hair straighteners and that after you take your strand you spend it dyeing in a fun way and that simply comes out then with water.

When the hair is wet it is not really good but then when it dries you get good results.

I leave a video for you to see a demonstration of how it is used and how it can be if you want and you are a girl.

I hope you serve and share these videos, photos and tips to have your colorful wicks as you like.