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Chunky highlights and other cut and color trends for a new look

After two months without being able to go to the hairdressing salon, now they all want to catch their appointment. And there is a lot of accumulated desire to change the look and fill the manes with a new vitality.

Since Treatwell highlight the four trends in cut and color most outstanding to celebrate the return – gradually – to the streets.

Chunky highlights

Jennifer Lopez @jlo

Balmain Paris Hair Couture

You might think you were not going to see them again, but nothing could be further from the truth! The thick highlights of the nineties are sweeping Instagram. Was the singer Jennifer Lopez the first to surprise with this look, and since then the networks have been filled with examples, including Kylie Jenner. Also the big brands are including this trend in their seasonal proposals, as is the case of Balmain Paris Hair Couture.

Unlike what we have been seeing during the last seasons, where what we were looking for were very subtle results, Chunky highlights are characterized by their thickness and their great contrast with the base tone. In addition, these wicks are very straight, precisely to emphasize that contrast, and are strategically distributed throughout the head. As already happened in the nineties, it is usually very common to dye the front locks to give them all the prominence.

Light bangs

Camila Cabello @camila_cabello

Rosalia @ rosalia.vt

During the quarantine, many celebrities have chosen to do bangs. After all, it is one of the easiest ways to change your look yourself when there is no professional on hand. This is the case, for example, of Rosalia, Bella Hadid and Camila Cabello.

Now that the hairdressing salons have opened, this trend will continue to be enjoyed, although with better results! But what type of bangs is the one that will wear the most? Everything points in the same direction: bangs with curtain effect and very light texture. Also, for those who get bored easily, it is very easy to pick it up or hide it by braiding the front locks.

Blunt Bob

Natalie Portman @natalieportman

Yolanda Aberasturi

A great cut to brand new look, clean the hair and not get hot in the summer. It consists of a straight mane, without layers and with a blunt end, which reaches to the middle of the neck.

This look has a lot of advantages: it favors all the factions and hair types, it needs less maintenance and it can be decorated with XL pins or nineties, two micro-trends that are still booming. In addition to its comfort, the Blunt Bob stands out for its versatility since, depending on the occasion, you can give it a more grunge and casual touch or opt for something more glamorous and sophisticated. Can you ask for something more?

Fantasy colors

Dua Lipa @dualipa

Revlon Professional

Some people, like the singer Dua Lipa, they have found in fantasy dyes a way to add a little color and fun to the running of the bulls. So, Pink, orange and blue tones have returned through the front door to social networks.

With active hair professionals, it makes more sense than ever to maintain this trend. In addition, there are options for those people who want to try but without risking too much, such as the tone peach rose or the mauve cake. Both are very subtle and flattering. Of course, in these cases it is important to do a good maintenance so that the color stays in good condition for a longer time.

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