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Blonde Highlights that are Trend 2020

wicks blonde pixies cara delevingne

The blonde highlights They're a bold style that has become a favorite of many girls today, and it's not only because so many celebrities sport their golden-lighted hair, it's also a jovial and successful choice for face framing.

In addition, its finish is elegant and fill any look with dynamism.

Regardless of whether you are conservative or daring, you will find your ideal option among the different types of wicks that exist.

Would you try this radical change?

It is true that blonde highlights In hair it involves constant care and maintenance, but it is worth taking on the challenge as they look perfect on curly, wavy or straight manes and highlight feminine beauty.

You will be the center of attraction!

If you are thinking of playing with shades Blondes for your next appointment at the salon, get inspired with these ideas, tips and advice that are giving you something to talk about.

Short hair

Short hair does not represent an obstacle when it comes to looking fashionable, it can achieve an infinity of striking effects and the blonde tone offers great versatility.

The objective of the highlights in this type of look is to provide movement, light, texture and shine.

Focus on the result being very natural and you will be ready to dazzle.

Pixies and Bob

Blonde highlights are usually worn a lot in pixies and bob haircutsIt is no wonder that these looks are breaking the Instagram.

wicks blonde pixies cara delevingneCara Delevingne pixie cut and blonde highlights

The truth, styles with a half jaw or shorter ones with a casual touch are enveloped by the famous balayage highlights very subtle effect.

Half Mane

medium-length highlights blonde women

If you want to try a shoulder length stocking with bangs to the side, a great idea is to make blonde highlights very fine in the bangs and interlocked and soft highlights that are visible from root to tip.

Pixies, carre or garcon

In a pixies, carre or garcon cut you can play with the highlights only in the part of the bangs and the crown to give it more prominence.

Here what is sought is to provide depth giving the appearance of a bushy mane with a lot of movement.

Try to make the rays in the bangs thicker at the root and thinner towards the ends.

It is a very appropriate style for fine hair that needs volume, you can even get a lush look by creating subtle shades by combining 2 or more shades, a little lighter or darker than the base color.

Play with the effects you want to achieve and let your stylist surprise you.

Long hair

There is no doubt that long hair offers many advantages when it comes to giving it a spectacular bath of color.

Be Californian Wicks, lights, thick or defined rays, this mane allows you to play with the nuances, letting the flashes of light be seen at its best.

When it comes to blonde shades, you have interesting alternatives available.

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Balayage Blonde

blonde balayage blonde highlights 1

If you have a long and bushy mane, one of the best options to make it stand out is the blonde balayage, since it shows a natural color Well degraded in which it is great to combine up to 3 shades for a totally surprising result.

These highlights are really eye-catching with a V-shaped cut with or without bangs.

When working highlights in degradation, the hair is given a delicate and illuminated aspect that resembles the reflection of the sun on the strands.

In addition to providing a super sleek and elegant finish, when you wear various nuanced colors it doesn't take as much maintenance or frequent touch-ups to make your hair look pretty.

On long hair you can play with hairstyles to give your highlights a different effect every day.

Waves to Water

Undoubtedly, the favorites are the water waves that celebrities like Gisele Bündchen usually wear, who with her wavy style marks the blonde color of her hair.

blonde highlights waves to the waterKate Hudson with her blonde ripples

A very important detail for blonde highlights to look radiant on long hair is to keep the hair well hydrated and without split ends, especially when a bleaching process has been carried out.

The ideal is to apply masks of intense hydration or prepare them naturally with avocado, banana, olive oil and essential oils to apply 3 times a week.

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Half Mane

The mane by the shoulders is stomping this season and by wearing golden rays it allows to show off a natural color with delicate finish.

Long stockings are ideal for girls who do not want to drastically change their style and that is why they usually look fantastic with blonde highlights or a Californian, since you do not need to change your base color.

half-mane blonde highlights

Benefits of wearing half-mane with blonde color

  1. First of all, it should be noted that the highlights in half hair will make you look great younger for its casual and natural finish.
  2. They are also ideal for adding volume and reaffirming the features of the face.
  3. They are haircuts that go very well for girls with all hair types, as long as they are hydrated and cared for, since they will help to achieve a fashionable look in a few minutes every morning.
  4. If you are just beginning to experiment with coloring your hair, this is the ideal option for you, since the hair on the shoulder does not need to be recharged with excess color and it is not necessary to damage the root with intense colors.
  5. The finish that is achieved is very subtle.
  6. Depending on the style of wicks you choose, you can take your medium hair to one side, with bangs, with waves that you can do with the help of the curling iron, smooth or with semi-collected hairstyles.
  7. Even when you have highlights, you can make low buns so that the highlights are appreciated, illuminating all the hair.
  8. An ideal advantage of the half-mane when it comes to blonde highlights is that the coloring process is usually not as delayed as when working on long hair and, in addition, you will notice the change when you have left the salon.

It is a style that will make you look sexy and professional at the same time.

Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair

If you carry one dark base in your hair and you want to enjoy some pretty blonde highlights, you don't have to worry.

blonde highlights dark hair

Whether your tone is black or dark brown it is possible to achieve a light effect that brings life to the face.

Because it is such an intense tone, the dark color will give a more sophisticated appearance with which you will look older, so it is good to soften it with these tips:

Clear California Highlights

  • When your hair is very dark or black and your complexion is white, it is great to try some light california highlights to create contrast and give a surprising effect, especially when it comes to long hair.

Have no doubt that this is one of the main styles that the stylist will recommend when you see yourself.

Balayage highlights in caramel tone

  • If you are not looking for a change of look so produced it is ideal to lean for some balayage highlights in shades caramel, this is still in the blonde range and provides a much more delicate finish while still illuminating the face, which is the main objective of this style.

With the final result, you will be able to see yourself as the stunning Jennifer López who shows off her look in a jovial and fresh way.


What stands out most to the blonde highlights are that they are associated with elegance, glamor and sophistication, and also with summer.

But if you prefer to keep the naturalness you can get a finish that highlights the dark color and only disperse some fine highlights to the ends of the hair.

Another virtue of this style is that when combined with a dark natural tone and predominantly it is possible to play with the nuances, mixing gold and honey color to mark much more the degraded effect that defines the highlights of today.

Who said that a dark mane cannot shine thanks to the blond streaks?

Blonde Highlights on Light Brown Hair

Highlights will continue to trend throughout 2020 and brown hair or brunettes are not out of this striking proposal.

light brown blonde highlightsLight brown hair with blonde tint

Since we have talked about dark hair, chestnuts refer to honey and brownish base tones.

For them, blonde is also very flattering, and gives them great versatility to look pretty on any occasion.

  • Many celebrities have been using light honey blonde highlights, a strong trend on the red carpet. So it would be great to stoke your natural tone hair with faint streaks that add light and charm to the final look. This style will look great on all hair types, even with bangs.
  • In chestnut manes it is perfect to experiment with some golden highlights or with a blonde that is closer to copper without becoming red. In this way you will not lose that effect that is achieved when you want to give your hair a sunbathing style finish. The idea is that you dare to give your hair a twist.
  • If what you want is a very chic and feminine change without being dramatic, what if you play with some very luminous caramel highlights, that they are born exactly from the hair root? Although the balayage highlights and Californians are the most popular today, there are several types of wicks to choose. Dare to innovate.
  • And for chestnut girls it usually comes in handy to play with block-style highlights, which provides an opportunity to apply different ranges of the same shade to alternate sections of hair to illuminate specific areas that in turn enhance facial features. Unlike balayage, this type of highlights may require more frequent touch-up.

Images of Types of blonde highlights that are Trend

Whether you are looking to highlight the natural color of your hair, have a dark base Or you want to leave the beauty salon completely renovated, there are a variety of blonde highlights that you can adapt to your skin color, eyes and hair type.

Although it is important to have the help of a good stylist, the result is surprising when you make the right choice.

One of the advantages of giving this look to the hair is that it provides a youthful touch, allowing you to try infinity of hairstyles that do nothing but brighten the face.

You may not know it, but this style prevailed in 2017 and stands out today as the most chosen.

In fact fashion experts indicate that Californian Wicks and blonde balayage are the most sought after with their characteristic water ripple effect.

These are the best types of wicks that prevail this season:

Ash Blonde Highlights

ash blonde highlights
  • These highlights are usually quite light blonde, so they are not favorable for girls with dark or black hair and warm skin, since the contrast that would be created would be very unnatural. If you feel bold and want to experiment, just reduce about three shades of your natural color.
  • For light brown manes, these highlights are a better option, they illuminate the face and lighten the hair giving a very modern and chic finish. It also looks good on medium chestnuts, just make sure you don't make such a noticeable gradient.
  • They are recommended for medium and long manes, since as we have told you they create a lot of contrast and the idea is that they can be blurred very well giving dynamism to the final finish.
  • For girls it is an ideal alternative and even to wear up to approximately 30 years. After that age it is advisable to be careful when choosing this type of wicks because you could add age. Ask your stylist about the best alternative for you.

Platinum highlights

blonde platinum highlights
  • The platinum look looks great on a dark brown base that doesn't turn black. It is generally achieved gradually to avoid giving the mane due to discoloration. It is a very versatile alternative to hide gray hair and avoid constant retouching of hair dyes.
  • It is ideal to combine with your natural color so as not to obtain an unsightly result. As for haircuts, they come in handy with asymmetrical styles with or without bangs. So if you are looking for a resounding change of look we invite you to try this proposal that goes great in a long or short extension.
  • These are highlights that look perfect on girls with white or brown skin, and they give the style a lot of freshness, making you look younger Without much effort. The reason is that they achieve an extra light effect that highlights the face and makes it shine regardless of whether you want to look casual and relaxed or sophisticated and elegant.
  • For those who want to break the mold and impose their own style they can play with the alternatives to combine both Californian Wicks like the ones plated in the same look. The sunbeam effect remains with an unusual finish that will surely captivate looks.

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Golden Blonde Highlights

golden blonde highlights 1
  • These are indicated for brunette girls with both dark and light hair, with warm skin and brown eyes. In addition, they look much better when worn with loose waves. As for the length of the hair, they look very chic with haircuts mid-length, long blunt and even bob, and the lighting effect is beautiful.
  • If all the hair is pulled back with a perfect straightening you will be able to attract looks, because all the highlights would be fully appreciated. In this case, the long manes with V-cut cuts stand out a lot, as they create an incredible waterfall effect on the wicks that will look dazzling.
  • In blonde girls this type of highlights that look more towards the gold color also look very chic, the difference is that they have to look much clearer than they would end up in a hair of dark base. So the lighting effect that will result will be completely eye-catching.
  • It is the favorite look of girls in spring and summer, since it provides a warm and very youthful touch that you can also combine with midi cuts. The idea is to start from shades honey and gradually increase the intensity and range of colors depending on the final effect you want to achieve.

Blonde Chocolate Highlights

chocolate blonde highlights
  • This style is fantastic for girls with very white skin because it will accentuate the features, providing the shine and luminosity characteristic of blonde highlights to the hair. To achieve a very natural and delicate finish, it is recommended not to choose a very light shade to apply over the chocolate base: a hazelnut shade will be ideal.
  • For women who love copper tones, a chocolate base will be perfect because it will highlight the delicate blonde highlights without showing a strong or exaggerated style. In addition, it represents a unique alternative if your skin is very yellowish. If so, avoid choosing gold tones.
  • If your skin is dark, your blonde highlights will stand out on a dark chocolate base resembling an intense brown, here if you can choose the gold color to create a very beautiful contrast that will make you stand out wherever you are. To show off this effect, curls are one of the favorite hairstyles.
  • Any range of chocolate shade for blonde highlights will be great for girls with flushed cheeks, but the warmer and more natural the color, the better. A good suggestion is to choose the brown range that will activate your mane, the natural feminine accessory with which you will steal sighs.

Balayage Blonde Highlights

blonde balayage highlights
  • Balayage highlights are a trend that is here to stay and the reason is that unlike the previous alternatives they favor all types of hair, regardless of whether they are long, short, light or dark. Whatever your type of hair, you will achieve the effect you want with this new style that has become a boom.
  • If what you are looking for is to wear a natural look in a dark base, you can use very well some fine highlights of light brown tone to enhance the blonde, and give a very original effect to the hairstyle while the face is filled with light. If you like you can choose a bright caramel color.
  • On the other hand, if you like the idea of ​​taking summer everywhere you can try a beach balayage, which is a look very similar to Californian Wicks, but with a quite marked appearance. This can be your perfect alternative if you don't like a very strong contrast between the base color and the highlights.
  • For a very daring and daring effect you can try a two-color balayage, it consists of creating a strong contrast between a dark tone at the root and a fairly blonde tone towards the ends. For this look to look really pretty you need to have perfectly groomed hair and no signs of dryness.

Natural blonde highlights

  • And believe it or not, it is possible to show off some beautiful natural blonde highlights without having to be blonde from birth. The effect is achieved thanks to the infinity of techniques to give color to the hair and one of them is that before applying the aluminum foil, the hair is slightly carded to achieve an even more natural appearance.
  • If it comes to achieving a natural finish, there is also a new trend that combines two types of wicks different in the same style, these are balayage and babylight. What is achieved with this is to clarify the root a little more at the same time that the ends are clarified, obtaining a subtle degrade that looks very nice as the hair grows.
  • Naturalness is achieved because the highlights are perfectly distributed throughout the hair, achieving a uniform color and a completely natural end result that greatly favors girls who want to reinvent themselves, but do not dare to make a very daring change.
  • The best thing is that it is not necessary to have a natural clear base to achieve this delicate effect, it is also possible to achieve a very subtle finish on dark manes by distributing a sufficient amount of blonde highlights all over your hair from root to tip. Your dream of being a blonde is about to come true!

Celebrities wearing blonde highlights

There is no doubt that all hair styles break the latest fashions when celebrities and highlights blonde tone are no exception.

That is why it is very frequent that whenever you want to make a change of look you look for inspiration in the famous ones that impose them on the red carpet or the catwalks.

Among the most prominent celebrities are:

  • Kim Kardashian, which bets on an incredibly daring style, since it sports some balayage highlights Very blonde with almost platinum finish on a fairly dark base and without paying much attention to her brown skin. With all these challenges the result is surprising.
  • Sara Jessica Parker has also revealed her unforgettable California blondes that stands out for an inspiring mix of golden pains and caramels that intertwine in the strands making her look younger. You can get inspiration from it to achieve a natural look.
  • The model Gigi hadid I manage to achieve a very luminous and moving effect thanks to its striking blonde gold balayage highlights. Without a doubt, the warmth will always accompany you if you choose this type of proposal with a touch of the sun's rays on your long, medium or short hair.

But these are not the only celebrities who have decided on the spectacular blonde highlights also María Pombo, Blanca Suárez, Sara Carbonero and many other women in show business wear their pretty blonde hair.

What you should know before wearing blonde highlights

As you have seen, there are infinite alternatives to show off a beautiful blonde mane from the movie.

However, it is very important to take some precautions when dyeing, so that the result is satisfactory as you expect.

Take note of these tips:

  • First of all, you need to have the advice of a professional stylist to help you choose the type of highlights that best suits your hair.
  • If your hair is extremely fine, it is not recommended to make the blonde highlights through bleaching but to obtain the desired color gradually. This process is time consuming, but it helps keep your hair healthy.
  • Do not expose prolonged rinsing to very dark based hair.
  • If you want a 100% rinse, use alarming dyes instead of bleaching to avoid mistreating your hair.

How to care for the different types of wicks?

So that your new look in blonde tone Make a difference and achieve a really impeccable, beautiful and durable finish, that you can enjoy throughout the year, it is important that you take into account some essential care aspects:

  1. Avoid washing your hair as soon as you leave the beauty salon. The idea here is to wait as long as possible before wetting and shampooing your hair. In this way the color will fix much better, you can wait 2 to 3 days. After this time, wash your hair only 2 or 3 times a week to avoid drying or fading.
  2. Make sure you choose the right treatments. When you have your Californian highlights or the chosen style, you should include in your daily hygiene routine a nuancing shampoo that does not discolor the effect achieved and a conditioner with natural extracts, without sulfates that deeply hydrate the strands of your hair.
  3. Don't use very hot water. At the time of your hair washing routine, start by washing the highlights with warm water and gradually graduating the water until you reach a cold temperature. Be aware that too hot water will cause the color of your highlights to fade. Likewise, avoid wetting your hair with swimming pool water since chlorine is very abrasive.
  4. Apply intense hydration masks. It is recommended that at least twice a week you apply a deep care treatment that helps the hair retain water, looking soft, shiny and silky, this will prevent it from drying out excessively, looking dull, porous and lifeless. You can also resort to natural masks made with olive oil, yogurt, avocado, banana, shea butter and many more highly nutritious and hydrating elements.
  5. Do not apply additional treatments. If you are a fan of applying permanent for curls or hair surgeries you must say goodbye if you want to keep your blonde highlights in perfect condition. Remember that the bleaching process is already quite aggressive, even if it is done for a short time, so these additional treatments further weaken and break the hair.
  6. Beware of the sun's rays. Believe it or not, the sun's rays affect the original coloration of the dye, so it is advisable to wear hats and apply a heat protector that can be sprayed as part of your daily routine to avoid damaging your hairstyle. Apply it especially in summer and in small amounts to avoid a greasy effect.
  7. Say goodbye to the iron and dryer. As we have said, the blonde highlights fade and weaken with the heat, so if you want to keep your highlights as beautiful as the first day, avoid using these devices frequently, and choose alternatives to wave your hair without heat to show off beautiful style waves. mermaid without damaging your mane.

With these interesting tips and recommendations you are ready to visit your stylist and ask for your favorite Californian highlights or balayage.

Have you already decided to change your style?

You will look chic and modern with a delicate touch.