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Beyond Thalassoterpia

Hotel Selenza Thalasso & Spa

Only a few hours ago I arrived from a two-day trip to Estepona (Málaga). The experience has been absolutely relaxing, pleasant and I have discovered extraordinary sensations. Why? because I have spent those two days being the object of the care of the staff of Selenza Thalasso & Spa.

I will not talk about the comfort of the rooms and the excellence of the food in this post because I want to focus on beauty and wellness treatments, which we call ourselves for that Active BeautyHowever, I still remember and savor in my memory a surprising and delicious puff pastry with octopus and foie, cod with risotto, the dessert of the last day, and … well, I said I was not going to talk about food!

During the visit of the Thalasso & Spa area, Javier Hernandez, the hotel manager explained that Selenza has a program of absolute madness: «A sea of ​​sensations». It is, he explains, the first "all-inclusive" program in beauty, health and relaxation treatments. For example, three days with four nights for two people costs € 900 with everything included: accommodation, full board and full access to all the facilities and treatments of the Thalasso Spa, with and without a therapist, except for botox injections and laser hair removal .

Once the tour of the facilities ended, one of the therapists interviewed each of the journalists who visited the center, with the aim of offering us the most appropriate treatments. He proposed to me an aquatic shiatsu called Watsu (Selenza is the only center in Spain officially certified to give sessions of this discipline), his star treatment La Siesta (in all Europe there are only two swimming pools to perform that treatment, one in Paris and another in Selenza) and finally a facial based on life stem cells, with the purpose of returning to my skin the freshness of twenty years.

Watsu Pool, Selenza Thalasso & Spa


This treatment is like being born again. Honestly I felt totally transported to a mermaid-shaped island. Jesus, the head of therapies at the center, sheathers his swimming cap and explains that I have to relax, close my eyes and let myself go. He tells me that when I feel ready I meet him in the center of the seawater pool and when I finish the treatment he will leave me next to the wall of it. Between these two points a wonderful and totally personalized dance takes place in which I, floating and with the help of Jesus, moved around the pool. Stretches, soft contortions … and I teleported to a distant place … Suddenly I feel in a fetal position feeling the heart, calm and rhythmic, of Jesus. At another time, slight pressures along my arms follow energy meridians … and I continue dancing in the water … I eat a mermaid and Jesus gently guiding each of my movements. When I realize I am back next to the wall and Jesus, as we were before we started, grabs my hands and presses them gently. That is the sign that I can slowly open my eyes. I do it and I see that he, already in the center of the pool and with his hands together at the height of his chest, makes a small bow with his head in the form of farewell. It had been more than 40 minutes that had seemed like five.


La Siesta Hotel Selenza Thalasso & Spa

You are one of the people who need a Kit Kat, if you are skidding everywhere and feel that you are always around the world and you do not dedicate a single moment, your treatment is La Siesta. It is not about getting into a bed or a pajamas hammock and sleeping, or talking. The La Siesta program transports you to a world of sensations in which all the senses are taken into account. Start with a seaweed metamorphosis wrap and 20 minutes of warm flotation bed with which the circulation is activated, lengthens the muscles and improves the appearance of the skin. Here you fall asleep, because the feeling is extremely pleasant.

Continue with a relaxing 20-minute session in the multi-sensory bathtub that gives its name to the treatment, La Siesta. It looks futuristic and you look at it with a little suspicion … "How am I going to relax in there?" You ask yourself. Well, simply because it combines the effects of seawater, chromotherapy, music therapy and aromatherapy. Result: again in limbo !!!! But if that was not enough, the treatment ends with a 4-hand massage with almond oil that lasts 40 minutes. During the massage the effects of aromatherapy continue to not lose the thread of the treatment and I find myself wrapped in aromas of Cedar, Sweet Orange and Ylang-Ylang.

As I can, I get up from the stretcher, I wrap myself in the bathrobe and they send me to rest! while they invite me to an infusion.

Objective, rejuvenate my face

With my body and mind relaxed, I only need to take care of my face, although I assure you that after so much anti-stress treatment my face already looks different than when I arrived at Selenza. I recommend a treatment based on living stem cells from Cellcosmet & Cellmen. Laura, the beautician, cleanses and tones my face. I applied a peel with a brush and, while acting for five minutes, cut bandages tailored to my face, which inserted into a solution that has living stem cells. After those five minutes, Laura rubs the small particles of the peeling on my face, because it is essential that my skin is completely clean of dead cells so that the product acts in depth. After the peeling it tones my face again and applies me, with great care, each of the soaked bandages. Apply a concentrated mask on the bandages and, during the exposure time, Laura gives me a hand massage. Well, I have to admit that I only remember the massage in one of my hands because, again, I go back to sleep …

When I wake up, Laura is taking my bandages off my face, applying a cream and telling me that the treatment is over. After a little pout of grief I get up, I thank her and she shows me some samples so I can use them in the following days, although she tells me that the action of the living mother cells will last a whole month.

I don't know if you already have your Easter destination, if not, I encourage you to visit Selenza Thalasso & Spa. If you wish you can stay there, or visit and enjoy its facilities as external.

Thank you very much to all the staff and to Mercedes Soriano, Edelman's fantastic Account Executive for Selenza.