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Bees and their incredible beauty benefits

Bees and their incredible beauty benefits

Honey and its properties that make it an elixir of beauty

We love its taste and smell, but we love the results that we see on our skin, body and hair more after we have opted for it and have made it a must have in our beauty routine.

Transcribed directly from the honeycombs of bees, after they collected nectar from many flowers and other plants, this substance is made up of amino acids, vitamins B and C, folic acid, iron and zinc, and it would be a BIG mistake if you did not take advantage of all the benefits it can bring you!

What if we told you that thanks to it you can say goodbye to acne acne and combat oily hair and skin? It also has nutrients and antioxidants that revitalize your skin, filling it with luminosity, softness and firmness.

Another of its advantages? It has calming properties, making it IDEAL to allow us this quarantine and recover from excess caused by confinement (such as stress, dry hands, allergies, and other signs of tiredness).

Nuxe is another brand that promotes the use of honey in beauty (In addition to that the prestigious French brand has a great commitment to caring for the environment and saves more than 500 thousand bees every year) in exfoliants, lip balms, hand creams and gel-textured cleansers, which promise to leave your skin so soft that it looks like you just visited a spa.

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