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beautyPelo: is it necessary to wash your hair every day?

There are opinions for all tastes, some people say that we can wash our hair every day and others say that with two or three times a week it is enough, that if we wash it in excess the hair is damaged and falls. In today's post we explain what is true in this topic …

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<p>The truth is that there is no schedule or adequate periodicity to wash the hair, and we do not say it, but <strong><span style=María Castán, scientific expert of Wella Professionals. In his own words, each person should wash according to the specific needs of their hair type and texture. While some people need to wash their hair daily, others prefer to wash it every 2-3 days and even weekly. Which is perfectly valid.

Now, in summer, more people worry about the health of the hair because it has to be washed more frequently. From the point of view of María Castán, It is advisable to remove traces of chlorine from the pool or sea salt, so that "extra" wash in more beneficial than counterproductive, as long as we wash with a shampoo that is gentle to the scalp thus avoiding irritation.

What is true is that you have to use the right shampoo for your hair type and texture. Not the same shampoo works for everyone, the key is to find the right shampoo designed for your hair. If you use the right shampoo, you'll see that it stays pretty for longer.


One of the most common mistakes is that people with low volume in the hair ensure that they should wash their hair every day to have hair with a little body and volume. María Castán would recommend that you try a specific shampoo for your hair, one that enhances the volume and is of good quality. You will surely be surprised with the results. And probably, the lack of volume is due to the fact that they were not using the right product, rather than the structure of their hair itself.

The same goes for consumers who claim to have oily hair. My question would be: do they use the appropriate shampoo, conditioner and mask, or are they conditioning both the hair that "behaves" and oily even if it is not?

The look

For the warm season Yolanda Aberasturi proposes fresh hairstyles, light, comfortable and willing to come into contact with nature at its time of greatest splendor.

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<p align=According to Yolanda, trends discover its most natural side with millimeter-fit cuts to our facial anatomy. Ready to go or willing to change according to the occasion: formal, daring or very funny.

As regards color, Aberasturi bet on the slightly spicy chocolate tones recreating a chromatic mixture with a master brushstroke. A pinch of chili, a little cinnamon and a breath of pepper to give a new impetus to the range of chestnut colors. With the nuances that make the difference. An appetizing cocktail with bright coppery wicks, pure chocolate, with milk and veils sweetened in brown glaze. Soft gradients that play with colored appliqués to give vivacity to the vibrant color bath that serves as a backdrop to the hairstyle.

Some cosmetic proposals

Phytargent, from Phyto. Silver luminosity shampoo, especially for white and discolored hair, neutralizes yellow highlights and prevents yellowing. The hair regains its purity, shine and radiance from the first application. Your price: € 13.50

Natur VitalNatur Vital

Fresh apple, from H&S. Shampoo with a fragrance and an improved formulation that together provide clean hair and scalp with a long lasting fresh perfume. Your price: € 4.02

Gliss dry shampoo, from Schwarzkopf. Dry shampoo, without rinsing, which allows to keep hair fresh and clean between washing. In addition to providing body to the hair, it controls the hairstyle to the maximum, achieving a natural fixation and without using hairspray. Your price: € 4.99

Happy hair, from Naturvital. Shampoo line with hypoallergenic formulas that allow frequent use protecting the hair and scalp. They are made with more than 93% of ingredients of natural origin and their formulas are soft and clean. Your price: € 4.99

Soft and Smooth More for less, from Pantene Pro-V. Big size formats with more milliliters and at a more affordable price. You can take home the shampoo, conditioner and mask suitable for your hair type but now for longer and less money. Your Price: € 4.99

Pantene Pro-VPantene Pro-V

Fructis Hydra Curls, from Garnier. A range with the formula of filloxane and bamboo sage that moisturizes and provides flexibility to the hair. The filloxane molecule penetrates the hair by filling the pore of curly hair that is three times more porous than straight hair, thus strengthening the hair fiber. Your Price: € 2.95

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