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beautyPelo: is ammonia bad for hair?

Today is a particularly controversial issue, it is about coloring with ammonia. Rivers of ink have been poured over it and a large number of cosmetic firms have stopped formulating their dyes with this ingredient. We cannot close our eyes to the fact that ammonia can cause allergies to some people (for example to hairdressing professionals who are in constant contact with him) and also has an annoying smell. Today, the scientific expert of Wella Professionals are explains whether or not ammonia is bad for the hair. Read their arguments …

Wella Wella

As he explains María Castán, scientific expert of Wella ProfessionalsTo color our hair permanently we need to use, in addition to coloring pigments, an alkaline substance such as ammonia, MEA, etc. along with the peroxide. These two ingredients are necessary to open the cuticle and color the hair.

Ammonia is a chemical that has been used in permanent colorations for more than 50 years. The reason is that it has proven to be the best technology in terms of performance – results of coloring – and hair protection.

Its bad reputation and "aggressiveness" are a consequence of its strong smell which, in turn, is what makes ammonia one of the best, if not the best, ingredient for the coloration discovered so far.

Why? Ammonia is a very small molecule that fulfills its function of aiding in coloration and then evaporates. That is the reason we can smell it. Thanks to this evaporation, and consequent smell, ammonia does not remain in the hair preventing it from causing reactions with hair proteins. It just disappears.

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<p>Let's set an example so that it is better understood. If we make a small cut on the finger, we use alcohol to disinfect. At first it stings, that means he is doing his disinfectant work, and immediately evaporates (for this reason it can be smelled). If it did not evaporate, the finger would sting permanently until we cleared it. This is precisely what happens with other ingredients that do not smell and do not evaporate, remain in the hair or worse in the scalp until they are cleared, and while they continue to react with the hair.</p>
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The look …

The seduction of the simplicity it translates into this look that he proposes Indola. It is a version of Bob A-line where the hard work lies in the surface of the cut. The look is characterized by the movement given by the longer tufts on the crown and the honey and hazelnut tones They give it depth. The color chosen for this look is a chocolate-copper, a warm tone that gives the look that modern tone that a current girl needs to wear a classic style. The wicks create an effect of reflections and lights, since the blonde naturally stands out above the base. The colors are very important in this cut since they give it a very beautiful depth.

Some cosmetic proposals

Light up color, from Wella. This is Wella's new color range, with natural-looking tones that give the hair a lot of light from the inside thanks to its Microlight technology that makes the cuticle not damaged by the metals in the water. Your price: € 7.75

Advance color, from Llongueras. It is a new intensive color treatment that achieves greater color fixation due to the incorporation of natural oil and shea butter that intensely nourish the hair to achieve a homogeneous and intense coloration. Your price: € 6.45

Clinuance, from Clearé Institute. It is a kit of light and long-lasting reflections with which you can show off them without sacrificing the health and vitality of the hair. Your price: € 12.65

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<p><span style=Kolestint, from Wella. It is a color reactivator with which you can maintain the intensity of color of your hair between colorations, without dyeing. It is a color bath that with 10 minutes adds more color pigments to the hair and restores the strength and liveliness of the first day. Your price: € 6.99