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Balayage or Californian wicks? Discover all its variants

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Do you want to discover what are the fuses? In The MadRoom We are going to tell you what are the differences between Balayage or California wicks.

Sean balayage wicks or Californians They are currently successful in all their versions. Of course, there is no lack of trends that decline both techniques such as hair contouring, babylights or shatush wicks …

We live in an authentic revolution of trends in hair wicks, increasingly natural and that bring a spectacular light to the face. The question is … which are the ones that take the most? We tell you everything!

Balayage or Californian wicks? Choose the best ones for you

The balayage wicks They are still at the top of the podium made with a brush from root to tip in those areas of your mane that need more light.

But they also come back strongly Californian Wicks with a more contrast effect and made from means to ends. The Californians reproduce a crescendo of color just as the sun and the sea do naturally in our hair, starting with the darker root and that becomes lighter as it reaches the tips.

Proof of this is the actress Blanca Suarez that declines them from the thousand and one shapes with endless haircuts and hairstyles.

Balayage or Californian wicks

They also succeed three phase reflections «Ranging from reflections, pigmentation and coloring baths and even henna to correct unwanted reflections». These types of techniques that do not leave root and face flat colors are the most requested. In addition, they favor a lot because of the naturalness that remains, there are even bathrooms with pure pigments that can help you return to your tone in a matter of a month.

The renowned technical director Patrick Phelippeau proposes for this season two more techniques to bring the wicks that succeed in accentuating the relief of the gradients:

On the one hand, the softlight wicks for long degraded hair, a new technique of balayage wicks which provide a light effect on the mane, intensifying the contrast between the roots, which gain in brightness and the darker tips that frame the face.

And on the other hand, the sunlight wicks on mane and square bob haircuts, which give that sun effect that reinforces the contrasts by clarifying from one to three shades some wicks around the face, as well as the tips leaving the natural roots to give depth to the cut.

Hair Contouring or how to highlight your features with hair tone

If you are still deciding between Balayage or Californian wicks, you should know that while Balayage wicks focus on getting lighter shades in your hair, hair contouring depends on the shape of the face or your type of hair to center or decrease volumes and emphasize the points where we want to divert the attention of those who look at us playing with different shades of color.

The hair contouring It is applied freehand with a palette in the same way that painters do and the contours of the hair are highlighted, playing with up to four different colors to the natural base creating lights and shadows in harmony with the face. In round or oval faces, play with lighter shades to enhance the features of this type of faces while for elongated faces, try to reduce the appearance of excessive length using the darker shades at the root and gradually clarifying until Get to the tips.

In heart-shaped faces, the objective is to give the appearance of a more oval face by working with light the tufts that are close to the jaw and at the height of the ears leaving the dark tones for the tufts that are close to the forehead. For square faces, the ideal is to lighten the hair in the center and play with layers of color in the rest.

Balayage or Californian wicks

Babylight wicks

There are also many who doubt between Balayage or Californian wicks and add to the babylights wicks that Karlie Kloss made fashionable. In them, the hair is swept from root to tip with a brush to provide extra light in different areas of the hair.

Balayage or Californian wicks

Shatush Class Wicks

Shatush class wicks are perfect for brown bases and dark tones. Without contrasts or obvious marks, it is a reflex technique that allows natural-looking highlights to shine on the hair and where it is impossible to distinguish where the natural tone begins and where the hair color.

Find out more about our Coloring Services and make an appointment at The MadRoom, talk to our stylists and discover which technique is best for you, we are waiting for you !!

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