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Balayage Ash- 10 original ideas with images 【2019】 Hairdressing Blog

Balayage Ceniza 9

People who know the technique of balayage can
realize its natural beauty. Therefore, it is not surprising that they exist
many women who are looking for a perfect ash balayage. The use
Ash tones in the French technique may vary from one model to another. By
it is helpful to know striking ideas of balayage with various
Ash shades

Meet the best balayage hairstyles
ash that are fashionable

The ash tones are truly beautiful and varied. The
opaque hue possessed by ash colors makes people
experience a more subtle color change. For that reason, there are many
Women who want to try the technique of balayage with ash tones. The balayage
He has had a remarkable growing success.

Dull Ash Blonde

The ash blonde color
opaque is used in balayage wicks
that are done in the hair
dark The dark hue of the ash blonde allows brunette women
they look that color skillfully with their balayage. This balayage design is one
of those preferred by people.

Balayage Ash 1

Ash grey

The gray color is trending and can form
Part of ash balayage. The shade of gray chosen is determined by
Directly the appearance of the hair. On the other hand, it is helpful that this
Style looks good on different skin tones.

Balayage Ash 2


The copper color effectively mixes the orange and
red showing a medium reddish brown essence. Balayage wicks can look coppery in an ideal way. By
It is understandable that they find women who choose this risky change of

Balayage Ash 3

Ash plated

The silver color is similar to gray tones but
It has a higher brightness. The ash balayage is able to include
The platinum creatively. The mix of tones looks spectacular in the

Balayage Ash 4

Ash brown

The ash brown color has been used in various
balayage wick applications. The opaque tones combine perfectly with
Dark hair. Therefore, this is
One of the best options chosen by people with brown skin.

Balayage Ash 5

Bright ash blond

The blond color with
ash essence can stand out a little more
when combined with shades
similar bright. One way to highlight the hair is to use
The balayage of French origin.

Balayage Ash 6

Purple ash

The purple color constitutes a risky bet on
balayage However, people who want to lessen the impact of
Purple shades have an option. The objective of the opaque ash purple
is that women show boldness
mixed with certain touches of subtlety.

Balayage Ash 7

Ash red

The color red can be applied in dark hair or
blondes Women who want to wear this color of less striking way they can opt for an ash or opaque hue.
Balayage is the best technique to appreciate this color.

Balayage Ash 8

Beige ash

The beige beige tones mixed correctly with the blond
They achieve a sensational finish. The bright appearance of the hair makes
highlight the person who looks the style in a positive way. This model
demonstrates the importance of incorporation and mixing of different
tones in the ash balayage.

Balayage Ash 9

Pink Ash Cake

The color pink se
It relates directly to femininity and delicacy.
For that
reason, it is not surprising that there are ash and pastel tones based on the
pink colour. Blond hair are the ones that mainly stand out with the
Follow up on this idea. Of course, women with light brown hair
They also manage to look beautifully pink pastel ash.

Balayage Ash 10

Reasons to do your hairstyle
ash balayage?

People who have not yet decided to try the balayage in
Ash tones have multiple reasons to try. The main reasons that drive the follow-up of ideas before
Shown are the following:

  1. The variety of options in ash tones for the
    Balayage promises to satisfy the tastes of each person.
  2. Balayage is a worldwide trending technique.
  3. The application of the balayage does not require it
    high level of maintenance that other coloring techniques need.
  4. Ash tones can be used for changes
    of little radical looks.
  5. A balayage with ash colors looks good on
    all hair and in different skin tones.