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Avoid split ends, we tell you how!

How long have you not been to the hairdresser to cut your hair? If you have long hair and have not cleaned your hair for some time, your hair is possibly blurred, as if surrounded by an aura. We explain how to avoid split ends.

The split ends do not close definitively, however you can improve your appearance momentarily by taking care of your hair properly. Also, if you know why they open you can act to avoid them.

If you look at one of your hair with a microscope you will see that it is formed by something similar to scales, they are called cuticles. The cuticles of each hair function as an armor and if they are glued and well aligned the hair is protected and has a healthy, soft and shiny appearance. When the cuticles are not aligned any factor, whether environmental or mechanical, can affect the heart of the hair and tear the ends, it is what we know as split ends.

Why do the tips open?

The low frequency in the haircut or its continued abuse, either by external agents such as sunrays or moisture, or mechanical agents such as aggressive brushing or the use of irons or dryers, cause the hair to dry and weaken, damaging the cuticle and over time causing fissures in the tips. Long hairs are subjected to these agents in an extraordinary way and therefore have a better chance of having split ends if they are not periodically sanitized.

Avoid split ends!

  • Even if you want to leave your hair long, you should go to the hairdresser frequently, at least every eight weeks to trim your ends, so you will have healthy and long hair at the same time. Keep in mind that every month it grows, approximately, 2.54 centimeters and to clean it up it is only necessary to cut half a centimeter every 8 weeks.
  • Apply a good conditioner by massaging the tips, leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse.
  • Avoid overheating the tips when using the dryer because this is the first part of the hair that dries. You can also use a cream to straighten and thus control the hair better.
  • Use nutritious treatments that penetrate the tips. Intensive conditioners and moisturizing masks usually give very good results in these cases.
  • In haircuts with several layers it is easier to have split ends.
  • Replace long minutes with the dryer or iron with waxes, gels and creams that provide vitamins to the hair and help you control it.

Did you know: Cutting the hair incorrectly can also cause tears in the cuticle and lay the base so that the ends open.

SOS: conceals split ends

  • Apply a few drops of Serum on the fingertips and spread it on the ends of the hair. Massage them lightly for a perfect finish.
  • Apply wax on the tips because you hydrate and close them.

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