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Aspects that you should consider before becoming a bob

Aspectos que debes tener en cuenta antes de hacerte un corte bob

Making the cut that is in fashion can have its pros and cons, because not everything in life is always rosy, since then it turns out that you dare to do it because you saw such an actress that fit her perfectly, but you did not take in Count the structure of your hair and every morning you ended up hating how fluffy it looked with that cut.

So that these things do not happen to you, better keep in mind these recommendations that tell you why and why you should not make that cut that we all love, especially those that we opt for more rowdy and relaxed hair styles, such as bob.

In favor

Excellent for those with three hairs

Taylor Swift with a bob cut.

If you have little hair this cut will be very good, since it will give a little volume on the back of the head and a little body to the rest of the hair. If your hair is very straight, opting for a layered bob cut is the best thing you could do.

It is very versatile

Bob cut in different personalities.

The best thing about this style is that there is no single type of bob, but you can make it shorter or longer, with or without bangs, add or remove layers depending on your face and your hair type; It is best to ask for the guidance of a professional before doing so.

It is easy to fix

Marion with her bob cut.

Short hair requires half the care of long hair: you can wash it more easily and quickly, and you will also save on hair care products; something that with long hair would be impossible, since at the same time it is mistreating and drying it.

It goes well with all kinds of faces

Several celebrities with bob cut.

It doesn't matter if your face is heart-shaped, oval or pear-shaped; This cut adapts to the natural lines of the face, so you can become the one that suits you best.


Finish with a helmet with no shape or bottom

Curly hair girl with a bob cut.

If your hair is too much or curly or has a lot of volume and you don't go to a real professional, it could look like a helmet with no shape or bottom with this cut. The advisable thing in these cases is that the bob goes in layers so that it is well.

Maintenance required

Japanese with a badly cut bob cut.

For this cut to look good you have to be touching it up, because when the hair grows it tends to look uneven.

You have to comb your hair

Actress with a bob cut too disheveled.

Although it is a cut that looks pretty good, it is not magic; it is necessary to comb it to make it look good, unless your hair is straight (and sometimes they still require a little run); If you don't have time to do it then this cut is not for you.