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Argan Hair Oil

Argan Hair Oil

Do you want to improve your skin and hair naturally? Discover all the beneficial properties of argan, learning how to detect if it is totally pure and where to buy it according to your needs.

When i met the Argan oil, which was recommended to me by a friend, I began to investigate all its real properties that it had on my hair and my skin, being totally surprised at the great benefit that it does to the parts of my body.

I am convinced that part of nature is the one that gives us the greatest nutrient on our organism and to be more beautiful, radiant and healthy we must rely on this type of resources that we obtain from natural bases.

As can be coconut oil, rosehip oil, almond oil and olive among many others known.

But given studies of different scientists and nutritionists as well as medical researchers derived each property according to the element for each part of the body.

Everything works if you use it routinely in daily life and through perseverance and perseverance.

The magical result of the overnight does not exist at all and how good they are all natural extracts which assures you that it is totally healthy for our hair in this case but it can also be for our face, leg or arm.

But now I'm going to start at the beginning that you must surely want to know from its properties until it gives us healthily.

Argania Spinosa the Argan tree

As I mentioned before, everything comes from nature and that is why the essence of the oil is extracted of argan tree seeds which is in danger of extinction and was declared in 1998 by UNESCO, as a Universal Heritage, arising from the scientifically known species as Argania Spinosa that comes from the family of the Sapotaceae or Sapotáceos flora.

The exploitation of man in front of the tree for its commercialization was so great over the years that it can now be extinguished by not carrying out proper cultivation and care of the environment.

The demand for oil in recent times causes an over-exploitation that is not controlled by the State or the different governments, sweeping thousands of hectares modifying climate change in society and the environment.

The main characteristics of this tree is that it supports a lot in the face of droughts that may occur in the environment, obtaining that resistance since it adapts to climates that generally occur in the desert.

Its roots are imposing and expand with a very large length to be able to obtain in the depth of the earth the water it needs to cope with the surrounding climate.

It is a clear example of the adaptation of nature to survive and mutate according to the ecosystem.

If you start to see the trunk of the tree you can see that it has a twisted shape as if it were a screw and very wide since it is imposed by its strength.

Its origin is from Morocco which is consistent with the climate we can live if you have the opportunity to visit these lands.

And its longevity makes it possible to last if it does not put the hand of the man to demolish it more than 200 years which the argan tree shows its strength, vitality and its great height that many times in general line over passes the 10 meters of height.

This can already give you an idea because it is so powerful for your hair and the process of its oil is very beneficial for the root and scalp.

Are you still reading the features?

Then you will realize that all these properties are very positive for your skin or your hair.

A great detail is that if, for example, the habitat where the tree is located does not rain and has little rainfall, something that generally harms the flora and fauna of a region, it can provide moisture to the entire ecosystem because it has the peculiarity of storing water during all year.pure-argan oil

So you have an idea, imagine that it touches a season where the drought is totally critical where it does not rain for months, something that can occur in several areas of the world, then the intelligence of nature what it does is detach its leaves so that its energy only the base in retaining the water it has.

With this, what it does is to prevent it from perspiring from the leaves and then recovering so that it can last in the face of this extreme dryness.

With just explaining my example, imagine basing this on dry hair, mistreated by dyes or curly hair that needs the necessary brightness to have that volume.


You will be realizing with this reading that the pure argan oil It is a precious jewel for beauty and very important cosmetics that is not currently disseminated and it is where you can take a great advantage.

As many people call it, it is the desired one liquid gold from Morocco where its positive benefits for skin and hair are endless. Listed one of the best home remedies today.

But where does the oil come from?

The oil is extracted from its fruits that always germinate in the summer. These fruits have a form of olive when you observe it and from this type of almonds they obtain the seeds, which can have between one, two or three being the force and the essence of all this great power then transforming man into oil for its application.

What is Argan oil for?

Argan oil is an excellent complement to the skin and hair of the human being, mainly used by women in cosmetics for its active ingredients that are very versatile.

Within the areas that are applied we have the face to hydrate, nourish and regenerate the skin. Also in the body where you can take advantage of its relaxing effect, to favor calcium from the nails without force and for pregnant women that cause stretch marks.

Regarding hair, it provides hydration, power and shine. As I mentioned before, everything is due to its natural strength with the ecosystem, the same happens with the scalp where it acts to improve the mane from the scalp.

It is very similar to Rosa Mosqueta oil according to its properties that it is always recommended to use it in cold pressing and not expose it to heat since it loses a large part of the abundant properties it has.

Properties of Argan Oil applied to cosmetics

What is Argan oil good for?

It is recommended to apply both in expensive as in the body but mainly in this article what I am going to do is highlight in the hair as it benefits.

But before I am going to mention that for the face it is a great moisturizer, very nutritious for vitamins C and E that is very well used to combat the passage of time acting as a regenerator and an anti-aging, reducing wrinkles.

Another point in favor for the face is that it does not cover the pores which acts on the inner layers.

My dermatologist recommended it to me when I had acne and for my husband who has psoriasis, although as I always tell you before starting any treatment consult with your GP or your dermatologist who will advise you according to the type of skin that you have as much fat as dry

That is why I am very grateful to Argan Oil

The oil can also be applied in the body where body cosmetics is often applied to reduce stretch marks both for prevention and to eliminate them since it is an excellent body moisturizer.

My masseuse uses it for massage sessions as it is an excellent oil to moisturize the skin of the body to soften and that the hands slide easily, in turn nourishing when applying.

Prevents nails from breaking, which benefits their use to strengthen and leave much harder, ideal if you want to make any of these nail designs.

Benefits of Argan Hair Oil

Every type of capital treatment that is based mainly on the properties of the argan seed has the benefit of being able to favor the hair from hydration, strength and repair that it could have from the abuse of the sane scalp.

argan-oil "width =" 585 "height =" 360 "srcset =" 585w, http: //www.mujeresfemeninas. com / images / beauty / argan-oil-300x185.jpg 300w, 100w "sizes =" (max-width: 585px) 100vw, 585px "/></p>
<p>Argan Oil is a very important source of energy for our head and that grow the volume of your hair according to the needs as well as the disposition of the root, sebaceous gland, follicle, sebum and skin surface.</p>
<p>Argan oil also has a great contribution of vitamin E improving nutrition such as hair hydration.</p>
<p>To the touch the hair is much more silky and soft favoring your hairstyle when we apply any type of product that is based on this type of natural agent that is also known as mentioned above as the Liquid Gold of Morocco.</p>
<p>Which is becoming more expensive due to its high demand and low availability.</p>
<p>I advise you to use it if you have a very wavy or curly hair where it allows you to naturally straighten it and do not get frayed or tense as if your hairstyle was static.</p>
<h2 id=How Argan Oil is applied to the Hair

Argan oil is very beneficial for the skin that is why it is so much in demand today and many times it is not easy or easy to get good quality.

In its origin from Morocco the vitamin that has this raw material was a great find for its care as preservation.

In order to take care of health, this type of oil is often essential not only to have a better part of the body but also to cause general well-being when we see ourselves in a mirror or when we see youth, brightness and vitality on the eyes of other people.

Medicinal therapies and remedies are always good when a doctor advises and recommends us, but in this case being totally natural is something that will always be good since it is provided by nature.

I will explain step by step how you have to do to apply this oil to your hair:

  • First you have to choose a towel that you want to use and you don't mind if it gets stained a bit, then that towel you try to put it moist to heat on a stove or a stove that you are careful not to catch on fire.
  • When you already have the perfect hot towel without burning it obviously, you can start by applying argan oil in your hair slowly so that it is taking all the length from the end to the tip, mainly that it is well embedded in the scalp taking well the root to the middle and tips of each strand that you apply.
  • I strongly advise this process if your wicks break is ideal to solve this problem.
  • Advice from my experience, try not to get oily hair because otherwise it will be counterproductive, like everything if you apply it in excess it will be bad and instead of having a benefit it will be a damage.
  • Then begin to massage the Liquid Gold of Morocco in a circular way with the fingertips. It is an exercise that tires your hands but try to do it for at least 15 minutes and I assure you that it will be a change for your hair and hairstyle that you like to do.
  • Finally with a towel you should wrap your hair letting the effect and properties of the oil act for 30 minutes to 1 hour, the longer you leave it much better for its result.
  • With your shampoo you usually use and plenty of water you wash well and remove all the residue that may remain.

With this step-by-step process you will gain having your hair more resistant to dyes, cold weather and sun rays, as well as your roots becoming stronger and stronger, benefiting hydration as the main point.

Where to buy Pure Argan Oil

When you have the need to buy a product that has this component as a raw material to apply both in the body, in the face or in the hair everything will vary according to the laboratory that applies it and the quality of the components that use since purity is essential.

All these products benefit your health in every way.

Before buying, consider these questions:

The aging or anti wrinkle prevention You must provide the necessary nutrients so that you can meet this requirement so I advise you to look at the raw material on the argan that applies.

Another factor is the hydration cell phone that promises about its application that does not leave the sweaty or greasy aspect as well as that it is dry, regulating naturally and self-regulating.

Penetration of the product without affecting the pores obstructing its circulation in its functions.

Considerations before buying:

  • Avoid having synthetic ingredients because if this happens it will not meet its favorable properties.
  • In the product you must say 100% argan oil or 100% spiny argania seed you can also add for the hair proteins and fatty acids.
  • It should always be in a dark glass bottle like cobalt blue or amber, aluminum and stainless steel are fine too
  • Soft and silky to the touch, absorbing immediately.

After taking this type of issues into account we can get in Supermarkets or Hypermarket, as well as in specialized cosmetic stores where we will have the advantage of recommending according to the skin or type of hair that we have which product is more advisable.

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Enjoy this YouTube video showing the benefits of Argan Oil for Skin and Hair